How Much Kratom To Take – Know the dose!!

We’ve been asked several times lately how much kratom is the “right amount” to take. Of course there’s no easy answer to this, as everyone is different, but here are some thoughts:

Regular kratom users often find that they build a tolerance, so that after a while they need to take more than they did when they were new to the herb. Therefore, those who have not taken kratom before, or who stick to very occasional use, are likely to find that a smaller amount does the trick. Additionally, kratom has a cross-tolerance effect with opioids, so if you have a history of taking strong opioids (as painkillers, for example, or recreationally) that might well increase your required dosage amount.

So we’re going to concentrate here on those who do not have an exceptional tolerance, but do enjoy kratom regularly or even daily. Keep this in mind if it’s your first time, because if you don’t get any effects you can always dip into the packet a second time – whereas if you feel that you had too much, you can’t take it away. You can gather information here from the official site. The selection of the right dose will offer the desired results. The prescription of the experts is followed to have the desired results. You should keep-in-mind the details to have the correct dosage of the painkiller.

About a quarter of a teaspoon of good quality powder (perhaps 2g) is the smallest amount that you are likely to notice. We’d recommend you start there, but it is more likely you will find your kratom “sweet spot” somewhere between rather higher than that. If you have access to sufficiently accurate scales, it is well worth weighing your dose at least once rather than relying on a spoon, so that you can get an accurate idea of how much you are consuming.

An expression often heard amongst kratom aficionados is “less is more”, meaning that you may well be surprised to find that a couple of grams is just as powerful – or maybe even more powerful – in terms of effect as a much larger dose of, say, eight grams. Certainly kratom is not a herb whose effects necessarily increase proportionately to the dose, and it does have a well-documented “ceiling”. Should you steadily increase your dose, at some point you will almost certainly find that the kratom you take has almost no

effect other than perhaps to make you feel slightly queasy – for many people this will happen around 10 grams. It is partly this feature that makes kratom so safe, because it is impossible to abuse a substance that refuses to reward those who do.

So if you’re looking for ideas on how much kratom to take, remember to keep your quantities small. You can always increase later, but bear in mind that you probably won’t want to increase all that much, and even amongst longterm daily users, most keep to single figures in terms of grams per sitting. A quick informal poll amongst ourselves (we’re all longterm, very regular or daily users) revealed that we all have a sweet spot between four and six grams.


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