What Does The Devil Card Mean In Tarot

In the set of Major Arcana cards, there exists a bit depicting a Satyr, the creature that is half man and haft goat, for the insightful interpretation about humankind’s free will and warnings. According to many Tarot experts, picking up the Devil card doesn’t necessarily mean that you are about to die. So, what does the Devil card mean in Tarot? The meanings can be analyzed from the general contexts to the specific ones including love, work, finance, spirituality, health, etc. Anyway, it is crucial to understand the Card’s symbolism prior to the exploration to its meanings. There is a need to learn about the features and options for Online Tarot Card Reading to have the desired results. The reading of the cards will provide the correct direction to the individuals with the expertise of the professionals. Ensure that the information is real and accurate.

Understand the Devil’s Symbolic Meanings

First of all, it is noticed that the Goal is the lustful and unclean animal that owns many ambitions to influence the creatures around. Besides, the Devil has the wings of a vampire bat that is craving for blood out of the preys. Such the symbol alludes to the realm of humans’ raw desires that can eventually drive us to be controlled by the Pentagram – the typical sign of the dark magic and occultation.

In the foot of the Devil, there stand a man and a woman. Both of them are chained to the podium reflecting the bondage to the evil forces. The Satyr is observing them most of the time. Hence, if ones fail to fight against the negative thoughts and bad intension, they will be controlled by the Devil, consciously. Since the chains around the necks are loose and can be removed very easily, the man and woman are able to obtain freedom if they really want to escape from the Devil’s close observation.

The matter is whether or not they want to steer away from the Devil with consciousness. Please note that both of them have the tiny horns like those of the Satyr! It means they are growing more and more like the Devil if staying here in the long period. Especially, the symbol of tails signifies the animalistic tendencies. Thus, the longer you get confined in the negative commitment, the worse you will become accordingly. Meanwhile, the dark and door-less ambiance addresses the realm of our unconsciousness.

The Devil is not the frightening card. Rather, it reflects the inner connection to the evil thoughts in everybody. In most cases, it is this Tarot that empowers humans to fight for their freedom no matter how harsh the situations are. As you have options to choose from, free yourself from restriction to take control of life with the right steps!


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