5 Essential Minecraft Tips To Get You Started

Minecraft is a video game developed by Mojang studios, a Swedish game developer company. It is a ‘sandbox game’ where the user can create his world and experience things that he wishes to experience, and it has absolutely no rules. One has to use the resources and blocks as well as his creativity to play this game.

Here are few Minecraft tips that will help you as a beginner –

  • Create your world of Minecraft

While starting the game, you need to choose what type of game you would like to play – Survival or creative. The survival mode will take you to auto-generated land and with minimum heath. You have to start mining to survive, and the enemies will come out after sunset.

You can go for creative mode if you only like to create and build. There are no enemies or violent mobs to chase you. You can choose any block type and have endless crafting options. The brownie points are for the fact that you can even fly in this mode.

  • Choose your skin

You can choose the skin of your character in the settings option. Lately, Minecraft also enables you to customize the skin of your Minecraft character as well. You can even enjoy the game as an architectural dinosaur.

  • Learn more about the controls to play this game

This game is quite easy to operate. You have to learn the controls. The bottom of the screen has a D-pad that helps you to control the directions of your character’s movement. You have to tap to attack the enemies or add blocks. The double-tap option lets you fly.

  • Choose optifine cape

Optifine is a Minecraft optimization mod that enables Minecraft to work faster and look better while playing. Using optifine capes in Minecraft is nothing to worry about. The majority of the creative players use optifine, and it is worth it. The cheap optifine cape costs about 10$ at present.

Use your Mojang credentials and log in to or put in a username and a cape design, and pay for it. That email-ID would help you to get access to change the design and do other changes to your cape. Those who use the optifine can only see the optifine cape. The cape is very economical as well as useful, as you can customize it whenever and whichever way you wish to.

  • Be creative and gather resources

You have to gather many resources like wood, stone, and dirt. You can gather as much as you want by tapping on the block and holding it. You have to gather minimum resources to survive the night. Be creative with almost everything while playing this game. This game is more fun when you invest your ideas and with the help of cerebral abilities, build a magnificent world.

Hence, these are the few tips that you should keep in your mind before starting Minecraft. Minecraft is all about being creative and having fun. So don’t worry and just have fun while playing this.


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