A Proper Guide To Make An Explainer Videos That Can Help In Teaching Stuff!

It is really tricky to explain something to a friend; it is trickier when someone has to do it through a video. A lot of companies use these explainer videos to attract people and give them the info they are looking for. It might be difficult to make, but it gives the complex information easier for the customers, so yea, it is worth it!

What are explainer videos?

Explainer videos are short videos that are made specifically for marketing. People make these videos to provide the best explanation of the product or service the brand is giving. These videos are a full package of the product. It includes everything about the product, its specs, looks, and a lot of things.

These videos use explanimations to give a base to the videos. People often read the word explanimation again because it is a mixture of explanations and animations; these two words define the word too. The videos that use animations to explain the context are known as explanimations.

Now people also ask, What type of explanimation do you want to have developed? So, this depends on the customer. But if the customer doesn’t have total knowledge about it, it is better to confide in professionals’ work. They will explain it and will also give the best advice.

How to make the explainer videos?

For making a video, there have to be certain steps to complete it. It is not an impulsive action or something that one can do at the same point in time. So with the help of proper steps, it is easier for one person to have something to start with and be proud of the result.

Here are the different steps that will get the right push to the person who is making the video,

  1. Plan the video!

This is the first thing that one person needs to do. Indeed the brand will have many popular products, but if someone is coming on the webpage, they need to see the best of the best. Such things and efforts will surprise the prospect and attract them too. Here are some points that will help plan the perfect idea,

  • Choose the idea properly. The first step towards making the video is planning what the video is going to be about. It is also important to have such a topic that matches the duration of an explainer video. This video type gives the impact that it will be long, but not too long, too, though!

  • Make the plan and outline the script of the idea. This way, it will be easy not to stray from the topic. It is also a reason why it is not something impulsive. This always happens with the person who is explaining something. While telling about something, they switch to a whole different thing, which you need to avoid.
  • Research about the video and make sure all the facts are clear and exact. There must be the best explanation of the topic, and everything must be according to the brand only.

These are some things that will help in making sure that the plan is going well. The plan is the primary and important part of the video, so make sure to put all the effort into it.

  1. Style of the video!

Time to get creative, people! Yes, the video needs to be creative so that people would like to watch the full video. The video doesn’t have to be boring, so a few small punches would work too. To grab the focus, the host and the video both need to look their best and make the best efforts.

The style that fits the type of brand will suit the video and the way the host will explain. People also like to use animations in their videos. As we already know about explanimations, they are the best part of the video. These things will add the best and exact amount of quirk and make it go smooth.

Some people like to make the whole video through animations, but it depends on the company to decide the number of explanimations.

  1. Use music in the video!

Audio and music are also important. It doesn’t have to be too loud to cover the voice of the host entirely. It just has to be enough so that the video doesn’t look plain and boring. If possible, add nice audio to the animations so that they are fun to watch and are easy to understand too.

  1. Check the final video!

Check the video and see if it is making a good impression on people who are watching it. This way, it will be easier to make more videos and take the first video as the outline for the other one. Taking it as an outline means that one can take inspiration from it, but the different styles are important.

Uniqueness always attracts people, and so do these explainer videos! Make them and attract more customers!


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