An Effective Fat Loss Program – Know about program

As you look for a Fat loss program to reduce your overFat, you will come across several suggestions. Here, let me also suggest to you an effective Fat loss program that I devised myself and that worked wonders for me.

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I was overFat till recently. That was weighing heavy on my mind more than on the weighing scale, denting my confidence and making me too conscious of my looks. So, I decided to find a Fat loss program to get over the problem.

By then, I had received many advice about food changes as a Fat loss program. But the details sounded very tough. I always obliged whatever my taste buds loved, disregarding my other body systems. Pizzas and chips were my favorites. Then I was also advised to enroll with a gym. I imagined many slim and fit people working out in the gym and I had no heart to go there either.

But I did consider the advice broadly – to adopt a good diet and to exercise regularly. I decided to draw up my own Fat loss program with these two components and reworked my food chart and time table. Most interestingly, I decided not to throw my favorite foods out of my menu completely. See if what I did works for you too, and this is what I did:

On the food front, I listed a few things that were known as healthy foods: Toast and cereals for breakfast; sandwiches and such things for a light meal. Evenings I ate unrestricted. The only tough part was to stop eating all those snacks and processed carbs between meals. I had come to terms with my own Fat loss program, in a sense.

For exercising, as often as possible I just told myself that I did not have a car. My car garage was occupied for longer times. Soon, I was walking distances that I never ever walked. My children looked blissful that I started taking them to the park twice a week and played with them: football, baseball, cricket and all that they chose to play. It was all fun – my food habits, playful exercising and quality time with my kids. I had invented the best Fat loss program for me. Try it.


Jack is a focused in maintaining a healthy body and mind. So, he follows different health and fitness blogs to get ideas that can help him in remaining fit.

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