Easy Exercises To Lose Weight Fast

We all know that obesity is one of the biggest culprits behind several health concerns like high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. Therefore, obese people are constantly advised to reduce weight in order to have a healthy and long life. On the other hand, even if a person is not exactly obese, he/she is advised to maintain a healthy weight by following a diet and exercise regime. One must have come across several crash and fad diets that claim quick weight loss (in a couple of days or weeks) but are not considered healthy in the long run. If you wish to go for natural weight loss, then it is advisable to follow the diet and exercise pattern. Get More Info in the next sections on easy exercises to lose weight fast at home.

Home Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly One is not always required to look for a gym membership in order to exercise for weight loss. There are several simple exercises that can be easily performed at home to reduce weight quickly.


Squats are considered one of the best easy exercises to lose weight at home. You should crouch down as though you are about to sit down on the floor but do not rest your body on the surface and stand up. You can do this 10-15 times to get rid of the fats from your stomach and legs.


Stepping is another exercise used to burn off the excess fats and calories in the body. You can make use of ordinary stairs at home or invest in a stair climber. You can even go for step mats and perform this exercise for 5-10 minutes at home.

Brisk Walking 

Brisk walking is one of the different types of cardiovascular exercises that help in burning off calories and quick weight loss. Fast walking for 15-20 minutes every day can be helpful. If you wish to avoid monotony, you can substitute brisk walking with jogging, sprinting, running, or cycling. Read more on walking exercises.


Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises to lose weight, as it is a full-body exercise that burns off calories quicker than any other exercise. Swimming daily for 20-30 minutes helps in burning more than 400 calories. Once trained, you will find that swimming is one of the easy exercises to lose weight fast.

Push-ups If you wish to know how to lose weight fast and tone muscles using exercise, then the answer lies in push-ups. This is a form of strength training exercise used basically to tone and build muscle. It is essential to losing excess weight before going for push-ups as, in these exercises, nearly 70% of the body weight is supported by the arms. You can start with 5-10 push-ups and increase the number once you get used to it.


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