Flirting Games, Mind Games, and Online Flirting Games

And flirting is all about finding out if someone is interested in you. Flirting is how you meet people and gauge whether they might be attracted to you.

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There are a lot of different ways to flirt, and men and women do not always do it the same. There are visual cues, body language, and speech patterns.

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But the basic element common to all flirting is that it is a mind game that we play with one another.

Flirting Mind Games

Flirting games can be fun and playful. But if you are really interested in someone and you want to be a successful flirt, you have to play mind games with them. Not Silence of the Lambs mind games though. We are talking about giving subtle clues for a person to mentally pick up on that shows them you are attracted to them.

Eye contact is always one of the first type of flirting games. You catch someone’s eye, make contact, then look away. A few moments later, you do it again. This is a type of mind game that you play with someone to let them know that you are interested.

Playing hard to get is another form of mind game. It is played when you are attracted to a person and vice versa but you act like you are not that interested in them. The idea is to increase their interest in you by acting like you might not be available.

Body language is a prime example of flirting games. It covers everything from how you stand to what you do with your arms and legs. People who tend to like you are more apt to stand facing you, possibly mirroring your own stance. When a woman tosses her hair or touches her neck or face, this is a type of flirting game that sends a stronger signal that she is attracted to you. There are many such cues for both men and women and all are subtle.

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Actual Flirting Games

Most flirting games are transactions that take place between two people in a social setting. However, there are some actual games you can play that are designed to break the ice. These games are more intimate that just talking and getting to know someone you just met. Most people play these games with others that they a familiar and feel comfortable with.

Spin the Bottle is a game that has been around for a very long time. Everyone from young teens to adults have played it. If you have never played it then you are missing out. It gives you a chance to kiss people that you are attracted to without putting forth any commitments other than a kiss. It’s always been more popular with teens who are just starting to explore relationships.

Truth or Dare is another popular flirting game that has been around for a long time. The basic idea is that you are asked an intimate question that you can either choose to answer truthfully or if you decline, then you must perform some task on a dare. Its always been a fun game because it gives people a chance to get to know some personal things about you if you choose to reveal it.

There are several board games out there with intimate themes that you can buy from specialty shops or online. Many of these board games are more adult in nature and are a good way for mature couples to take their flirting to the next level. Subjects and game topics vary but the whole idea behind each of them is to help couple be more playful with each other.

Online Flirting Games

The Internet has always been a great environment for flirting. Other than chat rooms and forums, there are also online flirting games that you can play. These games come in both download and Flash format and are usually fun games you can play similar to arcade games. Online flirting games can be found at numerous sites across the internet.

Kissing During Work is an online Flash game where you try to kiss you co-worker while the boss is not looking. You get points each time you kiss but if the boss catches you, the game is over.

Oriental Flirting Game is a fun game where you play a girl who is trying to get as many boys to fall in love with her as possible. The girl is trying not to let the other girls see what she is doing and if they catch her flirting with a guy (via eyebeams) then they will flirt with the guy too and apparently this overloads the guy’s brain.

Flying Kiss is another online flirting game where your characters, either a boy or a girl, must send out a kiss across the mall. The object is to avoid any obstacles and try to kiss as many people as possible. If your kiss goes too high or too low, or hits an obstacle, then it breaks apart.

First Kiss is a cool online flirting game where you have to help a girl pick out clothes, hairstyle, and make-up for her first date. Its basically a paper doll video game with a closet full of clothes and accessories to choose from.


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