Make Use of the Top 3 Kratom Strains Now for Pain Management

The different strains of kratom for pain relief are basically divided into 3 different types: White, Red, and Green. The color is derived from the leaf vein color (“Veins”). We will present these 3 basic varieties in more detail below, but we want to do this in advance as a summary, including the most popular bestsellers that kratom fans buy:

  1. Kratom varieties with red leaf veins (“Red”) cause a calming, relaxing effect (sedation, “downer”). They are suitable for switching off and relaxing or for treating pain. Most users tend to go for strains of this type. Most popular bestseller varieties: Borneo Red, Maeng da Red.
  2. Kratom varieties with white leaf veins (“White”) have a stimulating, euphoric effect (activating stimulant, “Upper”). They are ideal for work, study or general hardworking and concentration-demanding activities. Most popular bestseller varieties: Maeng da White, Sumatra White
  3. Kratom varieties with green leaf veins (“Green”) are considered a balanced mixture of the red and white types. They contain both euphoric-activating and relaxing-sedating components. The first usually appear first and then slide into the calming phase. Most popular bestseller varieties: Green Malay, Bali Green

Important note

Of course, red varieties also have a euphoric effect and white varieties have a calming effect. For some, however, that effect predominates and vice versa. However, there are quite a few kratom lovers who say that they cannot clearly see such a difference, but rather see it anchored in the basic strength. Ultimately, everyone has to find out for themselves.

In general, red varieties are particularly rich in 7-hydroxymitragynine. This alkaloid is 13 times more pain-relieving than morphine! Especially in Maeng Da Red and Borneo Red it occurs in the highest concentration, so that pain patients should buy these types of kratom in particular. Scientific studies have shown that this active ingredient 7-hydroxymitragynine is even added in synthetic form to powder by some retailers in the USA (probably to make their own varieties appear more potent). From the best Kratom Vendors you can now expect the best results.

There are 3 types of kratom to buy

The 3 basic types of kratom from top to bottom: White, Green & Red.

The origin of the varieties does not play a major role: Whether from Indonesia (here especially the island of Borneo), Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Malaysia or from elsewhere. Rather, it depends on the local production conditions, the genetics used and other influencing factors (harvest time, climate, care, plant age, etc.). A scientific study was able to identify differences in the material composition of different varieties depending on the alleged origin.

Borneo varieties are considered to be among the most popular because they reliably bring high strength. Maeng Da varieties are considered to be the strongest, but many kratom dealers often cost a little more. Most of the kratom intended for the commercial market is grown in Indonesia, especially the island of Borneo. So buy from the best Kratom Vendors now.

But such general ascriptions about specific variety characteristics are often experienced differently on an individual basis. The sources contradict each other as well as the experience reports. The reason is probably on the one hand in the different perceived effects depending on the individual physical condition of the consumer.


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