Make Your Pc As Smart As Your Phone – Learn How To Install Android Apps On Windows With Free Software!

A lot of people do not use their smartphones as much as they need to use their PC. They have to sit on it day and night and work regularly. In such situations, they cannot manage many things that are only possible through a smartphone. Does that mean you will have to divide your attention? No. what would you do if you had an opportunity to make your PC equivalent to a smartphone? If you are intrigued by the notion, you will agree that you have to consider this article a probable solution. Since technological advancements are rising at a significant rate, people find it challenging to work alongside them. So, how do you make your life easier?

Is it possible to install android applications on a personal computer?

Indeed, it is. While some apps sur PC version readily available for you to use, others need a bit more flare. You can download almost all the applications on your system and use them efficiently. Naturally, there is a set procedure to conduct these activities, and once you do that, you can use whatever apps you want on your PC without dividing your attention. You may find it rather challenging and tedious, but in reality, it is the most straightforward task. This way, you can make your life much efficient and effective.

What is the method to use android apps on PC?

You may think that there is only one possible method, but you might be wrong. For your interest, you will find four different ways through which you can conduct this operation. Here are the ways through which you can use any android application on your personal computer, laptop, or system:

  • Mirroring

The first option is to reflect your phone with your personal computer. You must have seen a cast button on your smartphones. Turning your Windows PC android is as simple as a click. Apart from that, several other software allows you to mirror your android phone on your PC and control it through it. You can follow this method to make your system android in a few seconds. This method is the most time-effective procedure one can choose. So, why not give it a try?

  • Bluestacks

There is a software which predominantly allows you to use your PC as an android system. If you do not have to make your laptop work and look like an emulator, Bluestacks is a perfect choice. It is packed with renowned emulators’ features, and you can run all your softwares, apps, and games smoothly through this system. You can download and install this program on a PC, and it will take about 2GB of your space and data. This way, you will have the best feature on your system in the least amount of space. The best part is that this feature is the most affordable solution you can choose. You can search on the internet, and you will find that this software is trustable and comes with guaranteed success.

  • Genymotion

Why worry when you have to option to emulate? Emulation refers to a system in which one computer starts behaving like another. In addition to that, it can also act as an android device. This way, you can make your PC work like an android phone and use whatever applications, games, and functions you want to cover your task. Genymotion is the best choice for you, but you need to understand that it uses some other programs to work smoothly. So, you may need to install them, or you may have to stack them in your system so that the software can run smoothly.

  • Android x86

The last option is to try Android x86. This system comes with unlimited features and allows the user to use much more than a few applications. You can use this system to turn your PC into a full-fledged Android device.

These are the top-4 ways that you can try to convert your PC into an android system. You can download any of them or install any of them on your system and use them as per your preferences.


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