Miroslav Vyboh’s company Middlecap is at its climax in the UK

MiddleCap is a European-based real estate, consulting, venture capital and private equity investment holding. Southworks, a 70,000 sq ft building on Rushworth Lane, is the first business office scheme in London. Their second UK MiddleCap venture, called Seal Home, was purchased in 2019.  There is a project of more than 130, 000 sq ft in London City, next to London Bridge. When entering the UK market, the group announced that their buildings would be connected to technological advances and unique design features.

Established to encourage well-being, sustainability, efficiency, creativity, and health and safety in the built environment, the Smart Building Certification recognizes buildings with smart technology infrastructure in place to assess the actions and performance of a building. EDGE Olympic Amsterdam was the first building awarded with the Platinum Smart Building Certification. The Smart Building Certification is the first program to evaluate the ‘smartness’ of buildings critically by analyzing six main areas: construction use; user behavior and collaboration; building performance; construction environment; integrative architecture and connectivity; and health, safety and security.

Southworks is the first building to be tested using the Smart Building Qualification system in the UK, and has gained Core & Shell Platinum certification. Its technology-first strategy and number of advanced design and management technologies can create a responsive and efficient ecosystem that improves the well-being of users. The qualification highlights the dedication of Miroslav Výboh and the entire MiddleCap team to providing state-of-the-art buildings as the company looks to grow its portfolio of UK commercial offices.

In different business divisions and related firms, Middlecap has a corporate staff of 55 professionals. The company has advised and conducted transactions worth over 800+ million euros in the last 3 years. With a total valuation of over EUR 110 million, the company has built a real estate project. The organization estimates the total amount of planned capital to be over EUR 300 million by the end of 2020.

The business has collaborated with bGrid at the SouthWorks site, a 70,000n square-foot office system on Rushworth Street in London, and Middlecap has begun its first debut venture in the UK. SouthWorks is the first UK project by bgrid. The Dutch PropTech company bGrid designs state-of-the-art smart construction technologies for the commercial real estate industry.

If we take a good look at the past track record of the organization, the business is constantly increasing, all credit goes to Miroslav Vyboh and his team. With 34 years of experience in the sector, Miroslav Vyboh is a respected businessman. For example, who previously worked in many businesses, he was Chairman of the ‘Willing’ Board of Supervisors from 1994 to 2011 and AMW from 2011 to 2018. The first to test the ‘intelligence’ of buildings is the Smart Building Certification Integrated construction technologies can increase the well-being of consumers.

Under its current holding structure in Luxembourg, MiddleCap Partners and Mayfair Assets combined in 2018. The holding has since worked under the MiddleCap Group name. With headquarters in various regions, MiddleCap has become a well-known investment and consultancy firm.


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