Planning to attack or defence? Follow these guidelines

The battle game hovers around conquering new cities to add to your realm and using your troop for the purpose is what you need to plan. As your troop is the most crucial factor you have to gain your win, you need to use that in the best possible manner. You cannot risk the army at any cost.

Without a proper army, you will become powerless to gain more cities and win the battles. But the process needs some other factors too. As you need to go up the ladder, you must have to earn gems, golds and other boosters to make it through to the top. All the collections will be needed from time to time.

Attack and defence guide in the game

As Lords Mobile is a conquering game, think like a king who wants to rule most of the cities. Imagine how he would have used his cavalry or infantry to confirm his win over an enemy. Experts of the gaming world have come up with some guidelines or tips about the attacking and defencing part in the game. They are as follows-

  • With scouting the enemy troop, stay alert and ready with all your strength to counter their attacks is the first and foremost strategy in the lord’s bot. Choose heroes that can match up to your troop by all means.
  • Research your troop and understand their talent to make them stand with the arms of their comfort level. This ensures confidence in the army leading to more positivity in the ground.
  • You don’t need to attack always to win the battle. If you are aware of their strength and weakness in detail, you must wait for them to attack quite cautiously. Just make sure your army is on their mark. Once the attacks and gets divided, launch your attack on them. It becomes easy to attack a divided army. This strategy comes in handy in fighting and defeating a troop more potent than you may be.
  • Experts have suggested for creating another account to keep an eye on the enemy troops. While from the original version your army should be ready to attack. You have to prioritize on syncing your attack when enemies are returning. You must ensure they don’t get any shelter and loses the valuable time to attack you again.
  • Using trap for the attack is quite popular in the warfare of ancient times. You can use it in lords bot too. Plan your surprise wisely with a hero and his reinforcements. The hero must be good with research and gears, and with more than 1lakh mounts, he waits for others who will attack you. The team also ensures anti-scouting so that no one could understand their existence. When the invaders attack your castle, the group stands at the front, and the heroes with their unique talents counter the attack. The main army and the courtstay at safer sides.
  • For defence, you need to protect your army too with strategy. Send 10-15k of your T1  troop to absorbs the dead ones, to ensure no loss or a fewer loss in T3. Otherwise, a troop od infantry will become the cause of the risk for higher levels of the troop.
  • Protecting your troop outside battleground is also a task. A shield is an option, but it is costly and impractical to be shielded all the time. The solution remains of sheltering troop in a safer place. Now if your army is more significant than shelter, send them far to look like a fake rally.
  • Battle fury is the next sensation in the game. You need to play with your friend to defend a mighty army. If the enemy comes with a titan, use your strategies. Keep leaders and troop safe and fake rally to confuse them. With the rest, troop make some more ally and prepare a strong and more muscular army than your enemy.

This is the best game you can have in this genre as of now. Play the game and sharpen your warfare strategies in your dream world.


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