Pro Tips And Tricks For PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has become an instant favorite in India. It was easy to understand and play because almost everyone has a phone; this game has been popular. The fast action and deep complexity of the gameplay have also had the developing skills like Spray kills with an AKM or learning the tactics like the timing of rotation when getting into a circle makes it even more exciting and interesting.

PUBG Game is the real crush for most of you; this is quite interesting that people love this game, but they are not aware of the techniques and tricks. Yes! Tricks and techniques can make your game more interesting and exciting, especially when playing with your rivals. PUBG game is much popular not in India but in other countries too. How to make yourself a PRO at PUBG? Here we’ll be sharing a few tips and tricks that will help you in improving your game. So here you go with the hack:

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If you are looking for a few tips, read on to know what top Indian gamer suggest for learning path into the map in pubg mobile:

Mark Spot

Most of The Gamers are Pro, and teams have three or four preferred drop locations for each map. They pick their drop location based on the strategies they play for the game. Your drop location will make a huge difference once how fast you could be. Once you have decided on a spot, Mark it on the map before dropping out of the plane. Make your game more interesting now, marking the spot on point.

Tactics with picking your spot

Remember, the tactics in the game will affect your drop location and those of your opponents. High loot zone directly on the flight path is likely to have more Enemies. If the plane part is Northern and Southern Eastern or Western, you can use that to your advantage.

Adapt according to the flight path

Don’t forget that the flight path is visible on the Minimap in spawning pregame face first using the spawn time to adjust your strategies according to the flight path and pick your drop location.

Distance from the drop location

Jump out of the plan based on the distance of the flight from your location. The fastest way to land is to jump when you are around 752-780 away from the Drop location. Remember to exam out-of-plane when your mark drop location is at 10 o’clock to the flight path.

Angel of Sky Dive

Skydiving straight down will make your land quickest. It may not be possible if you drop location skydive is far away. You will need to angle yours according to the distance of your location from the start.

Extra Tip!

When are you applying the above techniques in your game? Well! Don’t forget to follow this extra tip in your game. Punch as soon as you touch the ground on landing. This will cancel the somersault animation and makes you hit the ground running sooner. You can find more extra tips with us. Just stay tuned and don’t forget to check the other articles.


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