Reasons Behind Three Different Versions Of One Punch Man Manga Comic?

Are you interested in reading story about one punch man? If yes, then it is obvious that you might get confused in which comic to read because there are three different stories available. Canon is considered as the best comic but it is not easy to identify which is why we are here for you. Over here you will come to know about different reasons which will make everything clear to you about one punch man webcomic.

The series if focus on various things like misfortunes of saitama and trials and he is a hero because of his hobby. You will find this series full of action as well as comedy so if you are ready then all you need to do is watch it out or on the other hand you can come to read out the comic books too. There will be loads of heroes and monsters in the series which will create a perfect balance.

If we talk about the success then this action series earned the international success overnight which means people came to love it a lot. Both the newcomer’s fans and hardcore anime fans loved this series equally.

Third series is launched

One punch man found a true fan in mangaka who appealed to make a series from scratch. It means from the start and that was released by the Japanese publisher. There are many characters who got redesigned in the third series and also the artistic details got redesigned. Many fans got attracted but ultimately the old story got continued and also there were two versions those who run side by side.

In the past back time the chapters are written by ONE and then they were published online. Also they was sent to be printed for comics or we can say physical volumes. Murata loved to redraw some certain scenes and dialogues which has changed the series a little bit. This thing states that one punch man has three different version which is called as ONE we manga, the redrawn Murata version, and the final chapter.

One punch man printed in volumes

Originally one punch man was printed in volumes and if we talk about the three chapters then they all got printed in volumes which is why people came to love it a lot. There were many changes made in the series which makes it really wonderful in many ways. You have to read all of them in order to know about the difference between all of them.

In the end

One punch man will easily win your heart because there are many turns and twists in this game which will be going to make it much more fun and mysterious to read. You can use online services in order to read down this series or also you can watch it too as there are many sources which can be able to help you in having fun without paying a single penny for it.


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