Sims 4: How To Change Traits And What Are The Installment Features?

When it comes to simulation games, Sims 4 is the latest one that is keeping people interested. Sims is a popular game in the arena for a very long time. As time is moving fast, the game is also bringing new updates to the table for the gamers and the Sims fans. There are several new things added to this new installment, as the players are now allowed to change traits and develop their characters. In the game, the player will have to control the Sim they choose and grow through various stages of life. They will add traits, remove them, and build experiences in a community. One should also learn sims 4: how to change traits ps4.

Various worlds and traits

In this game, there are different traits that a person can choose for their Sim. These traits are personality characteristics that will define the Sim’s strength and weaknesses. One can choose traits based on what type of person one wants their Sim to be. These traits are divided into categories like learning traits, ghost traits, emotional traits, reward traits, etc. In Sims 4, the worlds have replaced the neighborhoods. There are various words which one can choose to play in. each world has its features.


Some of the updated features of Sims 4 are:

  1. Powerful tools:

In this installment, the tools are powerful and are more intuitive. One can use these functions to build a better life and more interesting sims.

  1. Weird stories:

No more boring stories and background. One can now make their Sim’s story unexpected and weird by using their varied traits.

  1. Smart sims:

The sims in this new installment can be smarter, more intelligent, and more resourceful.

  1. Better rewards:

One can get better rewards for their games and for completing challenges. One can win new developments, traits, outfits in this new installment.

  1. Share and download:

One can now share content and download new things within the game. This means one can share their growth in the game without any hitch.

Changing the traits

While playing the game, it is common for people to feel like changing their Sims’ traits. This means picking traits that are more compatible with the game and the neighborhood. In between the game, one may feel that the chosen traits, in the beginning, do not make much sense anymore. In the easiest way in which one can change their Sim’s trait is by a there-training potion. Now, one will have to buy this potion from the store using 5000 satisfaction points. After buying this potion, pick it from the collected items, and pick three traits of one’s choice. For those who don’t want to collect 5000 points, they use full edit cheat. This cheat will help in changing and personalizing the Sims as per one’s wish.

Sims 4 is the more upgraded version of the previous three installments, as one can find upgraded features, better options, and better neighborhoods to play in. there are many things that one do around in the game to create one’s life and family in the game and collect items and rewards along the way.


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