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You might heard of this: the tools for marketing and PR trade have changed. Today, many top brands and high-profile companies are jumping into the “social media” bandwagon and starting to listen in on thousand of customer conversations as well as participate in those discussions, solely to build a better relationship with the consumer group.

However, regardless of how much efforts you’re listening in on the conversations close to your heart, or engage deeply in the dialogue with the customer on different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. You definitely need to monitor your social media ROI (Return on Investment) via the so-called social Web analytics tools.

Meanwhile, measuring, calculating and even defining the metrics is not an easy task, not to mention the investment in terms of personnel, costs and time involved. Although there are variety of social media metrics tools available for free, along side with some social media tracking vendors, but it would be fascinating to get more insight into how your brand spread in different social media applications available on the Web.

Here we list down a few of the vendors which provides visibility into customer discussions online and delivers market intelligence for social media analysis.

1) uberVU

Free trial for 15 days. You can set up your account, establish the keywords and profiles you want to monitor. Besides, uberVU calculates the number of conversations of the keywords you entered and helps you to compare the popularity and sentiment of the keywords. Also, they have a fairly easy user interface especially where you can interact with other tweeters inside the application.

2) Networked Insights

Recently unveiled the version 2.0 of SocialSense, i.e. SocialSense2.0 is an analytical listening platform that can track the community insights based on three dimensions: What’s Hot, What’s New and What’s Changed, to highlight key insights for a selected time period. The focus is to provides a measurable ROI from your social-media listening efforts.

3) Buzzient

Cambridge-based Buzzient initially is a MIT spinout which use its artificial intelligence software to analyze millions of online conversations about sports teams and athletes and sells the information to companies. Now, with its newest solution, i.e. Buzzient Enterprise, it helps to

turns social media data into actionable information through integration with CRM packages such as Oracle CRM On Demand, or SugarCRM.

In addition, Buzzient has four (4) pricing options. The starting price per month is $500 for one entity. If you choose to go for “Unlimited” option, the price per month is $41,000.


SWIX, stands for Social Web Index, is an analytics that helps to collect and access data for analyzing your social media ROI.

In fact, SWIX not only providing an analysis of the traffic of your company’s blog, they can helps to track the Facebook fan page, YouTube views and many others since the aggregation of various social sites is easy with a SWIX pod be created for each social media application. To know how your social media marketing campaigns are performing, SWIX provides a visual representations of how user are behaving on your different social site accounts and thus, you can make a measurable and meaningful comparisons. In addition, to better understand your social media spending, a simple table of calculation in terms of spent, cost, and return (by percentage) are also shown.

Currently, SWIX offers few level of plans range from personal membership to corporate and enterprise account. Prices range from $9.00 to $249.00.

5) Viralheat

Offered affordable plans (starting $9.99 per month) for users who want to know what people are saying about you, the market you sell into, your products, etc. With the basic plan, $9.99 per month, you can track up to 5 profiles. For 89.99, you can track 40 profiles.

Also, Viralheat’s service is truly compelling as you spend $9.99 per month, you can track the mentions from almost all of the popular data sources across the Web like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Videos and etc.

6) Kontagent

Known as the killer app analytics for Facebook. Currently, Kontagent platform works directly with the Facebook API, and OpenSocial, MySpace support are in near future. For Facebook app developers, they can use Kontagent to track what makes their applications grow and stay popular.

The advantage of using Kontagent is that it provides a simpler view of demographic group, behavior, and other data like conversion rates, page views, unique visits, A/B testings and etc. On a side note, Kontagent is available for free for low-end developers if they opt for “Basic Analytics” plan. you can also buy instagram followers to promote your business account and more people know about your product and your organization. It is not an easy task to get real

folowers for Instagram but there are few sites that let you do this.


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