Teamviewer vs AnyDesk vs RemotePC— Choosing The Best Remote Desktop Application

Remote accessing of the devices became a dire necessity out of incessant attendance to work. It became even an urgency as the corporate world stepped up to the global platforms. As the teams have to collaborate or the files from one desktop to the other were required to transfer, the send and download procedure was lagging and confusing. 

Remote desktop applications soon became widespread software, and numerous developers came out with varied versions. The users have found compatibility with one or the other depending on their features and ease of use. Among the well-praised, software like TeamViewer, Anydesk or RemotePC is constantly under debate for choice as they have the closest resemblance in their proficiency. However, the commercial or personal users can heed the following factors to choose the one suitable for their business. 

Does The Business Need Interactions?

Commercial businesses involve more than hundreds of desktops and individual devices as laptops or employees’ mobiles for working in a community. The remote accessors should have apt capabilities according to the expansion of the commerce and connectivity among the staff. 

  • Multi-Device Compatibility:

 All the models have the efficacy to associate with any operating platforms governed by Windows, Linux or iOS. The mobile versions of Mac and Android are also supported for inter-connectivity. TeamViewer has the special advantage to connect to smart appliances and systems through the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. 

  • Applications Featured: 

The platforms have the major function of file and media transfers and the access to program the system remotely. The remote devices are given the freedom to utilise customised programming and mass deployment across the connected devices in the pool. This feature is a highlight for TeamViewer and Anydesk. 

  • Degrees Of Interaction Involved: 

The commercial groups worldwide say that multinational companies often need the platform to share and interact simultaneously. Though Anydesk has superior file transfers, it doesn’t provide any interaction options. RemotePC is a step ahead with its text chatting and whiteboard screen sharing among the participants. TeamViewer and Enterprise plans of RemotePC additionally have audio-visual connectivity providing a complete chain of group events. 

What Is The Intended Performance?

As the platforms are software working on the internet, they seek the highest performance with proper functionality. 

  • Compatibility:

The connections from desktop to mobile should provide screen adjustability and settings. RemotePC and Anydesk pose the problems while shifting to the smaller screen with difficulty to adjust the layout, thus have touchscreen sensitivity. 

  • Usage Feasibility:

The user layout for TeamViewer and Anydesk is guided and beginner-friendly to avoid confusion. The icons and utilities are arranged in a designed layout without confusion. In contrast, the new users might have difficulty using the RemotePC among its vast settings. 

  • Performance Speed:

All the software have lower latency levels and less consumption of CPU capacity while transferring the data. They have the quickest of the exchanges and accessibility to the remote programs. Regarding the file transfer, Anydesk has the fastest transfer with any bandwidth, followed by TeamViewer and RemotePC with a slight decrease. The larger files are also delayed in the latter two as the team members or the devices increase.  

  • Installation Ease:

 While installing the application, the users can simply proceed with анидеск скачать or TeamViewer download and install them like any other apps. The RemotePC requires system configuration settings to allow access. The applications aren’t bound to be downloaded and installed. The free trials can access through the browser versions for personal users, which work through one-time generated pins instead of passwords. Enterprise and paid licences opt for downloading and installing to strengthen the security with two-step verification.  

Weightage Of Security Concerns 

Once remote access is provided, the desktops are open to the accessing members of the group. Along with the data shared, the most important is providing access to unknown users. 

  • Security Of Connections:

All three server accessors follow the strict encryption scheme with hashing and public keys to protect the data transfer. Apart from them, the app also asks for login passwords to get access. The firewall protected software can also detect the scam emails that intentionally invoke the users to allow access. 

  • Smart Alert Features: 

If the users’ devices detect the malware or fraud hacking server attack, they provide instant alerts to stop access to the control. Alert features also extend to the user getting the options to activate the access allowance. I.e., even if the other device gets the passcode and tries to enter it, the user first has to accept the allowance. 

  • Reset Options: 

Overall, software settings also allow for clearing the tokens created after the connection. RemotePC allows blocking the host and their signals once the meet is over. Anydesk and TeamViewer allow removing the constant login tokens to secure their connections. 

The developments in the software are never-ending. With the upgraded licences, the users get a bounty of advantages. As the enterprise subscriptions are paid, the budget plays a major role in the commercial business; thus, the owners should keenly judge the requirement and choose the one.  


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