Tips for Returning Home Happy After Vacation

1. Feeling relaxed doesn’t always equal low stress levels. Keep them in check by going on one or two short, ten-minute runs every day. Pack a running belt so you don’t lose your hotel key when out for a jog.

2. Hotel rooms invariably have very dry air, which is bad for both your skin and your respiratory system. Always bring along a travel humidifier to keep your skin luminous and your breathing comfortable.

3. A base tan is cute, until it quickly turns into a burn after an extra 20 minutes in the sun. Don’t fool yourself into thinking a sunburn is okay – it’s not, especially since it’s the most obvious sign of sun damage. SPF doesn’t get more portable than with sunblock towelettes. Throw them in your beach bag and rub them on before you start to sizzle.

4. Do your ears pop a lot when you fly? Invest in a pair of ear plugs that are specially designed to ease pressure when you’re in the air. Don’t worry – they’ll play music, too, so you don’t have to leave your iPod behind.

5. Stay limber when you travel by practicing yoga, no mat required. Instead, pull on no-slip yoga gloves and socks to turn any room into your personal yoga studio.

6. Acupressure bands push down on your body’s pressure points, which can ease motion sickness. Also, the bands will stimulate your nervous system, which will release endorphins, which will make you feel happy, not nauseated. Whether you’re traveling by land, air or boat, acupressure bands can turn a miserable experience into a memorable one.

7. Pack wipes that do double-duty, like the ones form Herban Essentials. You can safely remove makeup and also use the wipes to clean tabletops, doorknobs and phones in your hotel room. Just don’t remove your makeup with the same wipe you used to clean the remote control, of course.

8. When you’re heading to the beach for vacation, you don’t have to pack much more than a bathing suit, shorts, tank tops and flip flops. Chances are you’ll have to do some walking, though, and going barefoot can put serious strain on your knees and back. Throw a lightweight pair of waking or workout shoes in your bag. Many companies make sneakers that are designed to be light for travel.

9. Maybe you can’t wait to reach your international destination, but you’ll have to endure 15 or more hours on a plane, first. Don’t ignore your circulation – you could end up with serious leg cramps or a blood clot if you do. Wear compression socks, which help your legs to maintain good blood circulation when you’re sitting for a long period of time.


Jack is a focused in maintaining a healthy body and mind. So, he follows different health and fitness blogs to get ideas that can help him in remaining fit.

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