What Dating Advice Men Give For Women

In today’s world, there are a lot of dating advices both for women and men on the internet. Internet has made everything much easier for us and we are able to find really useful dating advice just by surfing on it, but if you are a woman and you need to learn some great dating advice for men, one of the best ways for it is to read those advices which are actually given by men. We’re not saying women cannot give great advice about men on their own, but it is much better to learn what guys actually want from us. So if you’re interested to learn some of the best dating advice for women which are actually given by men, please keep reading since in this article we want to talk about just that.

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  1. Know that guys show their love different than women

We as women tend to think a guy loves us if he pays attention to all the small things we care about, we are always looking for this chain of small things done towards us and if this chain is broken, we may think we are getting into the danger of not being loved by them. But the truth is guys have a different kind of measurement for love. They are all about big gestures and doing big things for us which they think is important. So if you told your man to take out the trash but you forgot or you asked him to put his clothes in some place and he keeps forgetting it, it’s not because he doesn’t love you, it is simply because he’s a man and he forgets these little things. What you need to make sure is if that he’s doing all the big things you care about. If he’s doing them, you can be sure he loves you.

  1. Learn when you should be with him and when you should leave him alone

When women are stressed about something, they usually tend to talk, even more than they usually do, but the story is different for men. When a man is stressed or is under pressure, he usually tends to retreat and going under his shell, this doesn’t mean he don’t love you anymore, he just needs to be alone for a while to concentrate and organize his thoughts to be able to find the solution for the problem he is stressed about. So it is always good that you recognize this situation in your man and leave him alone for a while if this happens. Crowding him and asking him what is wrong will only annoy him because he simply wants to be alone at that moment. After the whole complication in his mind is resolved, he will come back to you and be the same guy as he was before.

  1. Instead of disliking the differences, love them

Men and women have a lot of differences and anyone who lives on this planet knows that very well, but sometimes we tend to start nagging about these differences and thinking we want men to have some other qualities which we think we like, but the truth is it is these differences that most of the time make us attracted to them, because we simply find them manly. It is exactly the same for how men feel towards us, they love our femininity and appreciate us for it. So it never hurts to show your feminine side to a guy. We don’t mean you have to throw everything you believe in out the window when you want a guy to like you, no, you still need to be yourself, but since you are a woman and guys love women because of their feminine side, when you want to date a guy, try to emphasize and those aspects of yours more. Things like flirting, wearing makeup or pretty clothes, smelling good, being tender towards his feelings, etc, all of them can be a great source of attraction for your man.


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