10 Dos And Donts In Using Body Language To Attract Men

When it comes to attracting men, do you know that using body language yields more power than using words? In fact, experts agree that around 80-90% of human communication does not involve spoken or written words. Here are 10 of the top do’s and don’ts when you wish to benefit from using body language to attract men.

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The Don’ts in Using Body Language to Attract Men

  1. Crossing your arms is a no-no if you want to attract men. This gesture sends negative signals to the opposite sex, and it can make them feel uncomfortable and hesitant to approach you.

Crossed arms, in the dating context, means you are putting a wall between you and the other person. The invisible wall becomes your protection or shield that the other person may find it hard to break down or penetrate.

  1. Avoid slouching. This posture represents boredom. Hence, it is best that you sit or stand in your proper posture when you wish to attract men for dating.

With the right posture, you can convey the right signals such as your readiness to meet new friends. Having the right posture can also make you feel more confident as you will gain a few inches or centimeters in height. You will look slimmer as well.

  1. Avoid using your mobile phone. Unless it’s an emergency, never use your phone to text, call, or go online. Your divided attention just shows your disinterest in dating men. Most men want their women to give them their undivided attention.
  2. Don’t stand with crossed legs. Symbolically, crossed legs mean that you are denying the person access to being up close, intimate, and personal with you. It shows your discomfort or fear towards the person, which in turn, may discourage him to approach you.
  3. Don’t move closer to his direction without his explicit or implicit consent. Respect his personal space. Leaning forward or stepping closer to him may drive the other person to put on his defenses. He may take it as a sign of aggression or that you are chasing him, which is a big turn-off for men.

The Do’s in Using Body Language to Attract Men

  1. Do flash your pearly whites. This is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to break the ice. Smiling never fails to get favorable responses.

Studies show that one of the traits men like in women is a having a happy disposition. They see women who smile often as attractive. This is why men associate smiles with positive vibes, joy, confidence, and happiness. Who would want to date a miserable person, anyway?

Smiles have the power to attract men both in the short-term and long-term. However, smiling has to be genuine and sincere to get the results you desire. It empowers you to build rapport easily with the other person, and it works like magnet in attracting men.

  1. Use your eyes to attract the man you like to date. Eye contact can determine how to connect with the other person. If your eyes fail to establish contact with the man you like, there is little chance of connecting with him.

Here are some tips on how to use eye contact to attract a man:

  • Look straight into his eyes.
  • Your gaze must be inviting.
  • Think about love, passion, and sensuality when looking into his eyes when you want to excite him into dating you.
  1. Do tease men a little with your hair. There is more to hair than just being your crowning glory. You can use it to attract the attention of men. Here are some ways:
  • See to it that when you decide to be visible to the opposite sex, it is your good hair day.
  • Within their visibility range, slightly tilt your neck to one side, and then slowly brush off your hair.
  • You may also get a few strands and then start twirling playfully in a natural way.
  1. Do touch the man you like to attract from time to time. Touching is a powerful way to flirt. This is because it is more intimate and yet casual; it is innocent and yet sensual.

Here are some tips:

Begin by giving him a gentle pat on his shoulders.

  • In a subtle way during your conversation, move closer towards his hands to touch it. Do this naturally by adding some laughter (as appropriate), or while saying something intimate (again, as appropriate).
  1. Do use your feet and arms to convey that you like the person and you are open to any possibilities of dating him. Studies reveal that the feet reflect what the mind thinks. To show your genuine interest, your feet should be pointing in the direction of the person.

Meanwhile, you can also use your arms to flirt and attract the man you like. For instance, an open wrist is an erotic sign that you are interested to date the person, if he’ll ask you out. Touching his elbow signals subtlety that you want his attention.

Now you know the essential things that you should and should not do when using body language in attracting men. Applying these do’s and don’ts will surely increase your chances of getting their attention, and find the person that is most likely to fit your standards in dating.


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