Amazing Ways To Use the Minecraft’s Weapon 

Minecraft is an amazing game that people love to play with their friends or even alone. There are many things that they can do, which makes it even more adventurous, and the game holds on to many dangers. One of the most common reasons for the player’s death is the Hostile mobs. And if the player wants to survive against that thing, they need to have the weapons and armor and know how they can use it properly. In the game, the weapons are divided into two different types, which are melee and ranged. Melee weapons include swords and axes, whereas bows and crossbows are included in ranged weapons.

Not just that, the player can even get many other weapons in the game that they can use against that so that they can improve survival. You can get these weapons if you get the alternate account for Minecraft from minecraft alt shopsIf you have that with you, it will make things even more amazing and interesting, and a player will enjoy it even more.

Ways to use weapons in Minecraft

Weapons are commonly used to fight against enemies and attack them, but in this game, the players can use the weapons in different or unusual ways. Some of those creative or unique ways are mentioned below-

Multishot crossbow

Crossbow has an amazing or exclusive feature called the Multishot, in which the crossbow will shoot the multishot it means three arrows and not one. If a player wants to farm the chorus flowers efficiently, it can be the best thing they can consider. A player can use the Multishop enchantment on the crossbow and save the flowers from the enemies. These chorus flowers can grow up to 22 blocks of height, and the flowers grow on the top edge of the tree, and that is why this enchantment is perfect for you. With the help of this, the players can even break the chorus fruits of other trees simultaneously.

Give the sword to foxes

The foxes are so cute until you give them the weapon; once you hand over them the weapons, they can become mass murderers for the chickens. In the game, the foxes have a creative ability in which they can pick up different things and hold them with their mouth. When a player gives the sword to them, they hold it with their mouth and use that sword to farm chickens. If you have given the sword with Fire aspect, then chickens that are killed will be dropped in cooked chicken.

Become the God Thunder

If the player uses the enchanted trident in the game, they can become the God of thunder. Not exactly the god of thunder, but if they want, then they can call upon the lightning bolt on their enemies. With the help of trident enchanted, the player can use the Channeling and turn the creepers into the charged creepers. With this, they can kill the skeletons, zombies, and creepers with the explosion.

Use Bow if you do not have Fireworks

There are many players in Minecraft that may not even know that they can use the bow for thrusting while gliding. Fireworks are the best way to fly with the help of elytra, but there are some times when you do not have the Fireworks. What can you do at that time? You can use the bow enchanted with Punch so that you can reach the safe area. The punch work like the Knockback enchantment, and the player may punch arrow to themselves. By repeating this, the player will use the elytra, and you do not even need the firework.


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