Body Building Workouts Before You Go Hard Core

When I first got Vince’s body building workouts program I was pumped to get it going and start the 29 week program the next day. However, after looking at all of the materials I realized I should start with the Jumpstart program first.

In the Jumpstart program he talks about some of the basics you should have right first to provide a solid core and to prevent future injuries. There is nothing worse than pulling a muscle and have to sit out a couple weeks waiting for it to heal. Two of the parts he emphasized in the Jumpstart program was shoulder stability and lower body flexibility, 2 things I know I was weak on. Too many bench presses and not enough shoulder presses had made my shoulders rounded and weak, and I never took the time to stretch my legs prior to doing squats or whatever. We all know we should stretch before any body building training but we often blow it off. Just taking 10 minutes to stretch, and he shows you easy ones to do, will prevent those 2 week layoffs.

So I did the Jumpstart program which, if you want to understand it click here, and entered my progress in the members forum you get access to, which is pretty cool because you can chat with other guys doing the program and get body building tips from them as well. If you do not belong to a gym, one of the bonuses you get is a video showing at home workouts that are just as good. Once I finished Jumpstart, I started the beginner/intermediate 29 week program (you have a choice of beginner/intermediate or advanced). If you do both, you got one years worth of workouts all laid out for you with ntaifitness back extension machines

Because Vince lays out a program that is designed especially for hardgainers like myself, he teaches you how to eat and how to lift to get maximum benefit. Things like avoiding high reps and overtraining, and eating exactly what your body needs to increase testosterone and other growth hormone production. That was the key for me, as a skinny guy is lacking in that area, but it is a problem that is easily solved. But you wont find these solutions in other body building programs. I think the reason you don’t is the muscle magazines have to hump the creatine and protein powders and other stuff whose price really adds up. But you don’t need it, just lift the right way, eat stuff that aids in muscle recovery and do it again in a couple days. Track you progress in the members area, get body building tips from other guys who are doing it, and before you know it you are seeing real progress.


Jack is a focused in maintaining a healthy body and mind. So, he follows different health and fitness blogs to get ideas that can help him in remaining fit.

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