Build Muscle And Get Ripped With The Ten Ten Transformation

How many before and after photos of workout plans have you checked out wondering if the system advertised can truly deliver? How many times have you ever wondered if you could really get rid of belly fat and Build Muscle Fast if you simply followed a program step by step? The 10/ten Physique Transformation by Chad Waterbury is now another plan which I even have personally put to the test and it worked fantastically. You can read about the complete program in detail on if you are new to bodybuilding.

I even have 2 personal favorites now in my arsenal for total body transformations. How to Get Ripped Abs by John Alvino and the 10/10 Transformation by Chad Waterbury. I’ve been in the iron game for twenty-five years and have put together many of my very own workouts to follow but to tell the truth, I get stale following my own styles and sometimes start second-guessing myself plus going off the original plan so I even have sought out new bodybuilding systems to undertake but I am a tough critic so trusting someone else and following their styles is tough.

Chad Waterbury – ten/10 Transformation

The first person I even have found to be an absolute superstar when it involves workout design for building muscle and total physique transformations is Chad Waterbury. This guy has a master’s degree in neurophysiology plus has really put this to work in planning exercise systems that deliver real results. I started reading his articles nearly 3 years ago and was quite impressed with his method.

I attempted some of his mass and strength building workouts and was amazed at how me and old guy in his late 30′s was starting to put on new muscle mass using his systems. Chad’s ten/ten Transformation was something I bought the day it came out as I was actually excited to get my hands on his next system. It’s a twelve-week program to add ten pounds of muscle plus drop 10 pounds of fat. First of all, adding ten pounds of muscle is an enormous feat in itself but then melting fat off the belly too? I tried it and experienced a complete change in my look in the mirror. Once again Chad Waterbury delivered as promised.

John Alvino – How to Get Ripped Abs

Another new favorite that I just discovered this year is John Alvino. John Alvino is the creator of How to Get Ripped Abs. This is a really advanced system that I only recommend to athletes as the workouts are so tough plus you need to be in decent shape just to perform it. It’s also a 12-week program plus I did the first five weeks and actually logged every single day on my blog. How to Get Ripped Abs gave truly phenomenal results.

Gut-busting and grueling workouts melted three pounds of fat per week off of my body plus I was very loose on the diet (a whole lot of cheat meals). John was reading my blog and caught me cheating. He emailed me and told me if I wanted a really great transformation I should not cheat. I laughed because I was so satisfied with the amount I was already losing per week I couldn’t even imagine getting more out of it. I’m going to run How to Get Ripped Abs once more in March of 2010 so keep an eye out on my blog for the before and after pics. If you like excruciating workouts that absolutely punish your body in return for the most rapid fat loss you have ever seen you should try it out for yourself.


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