Buying DC Generators: Factors To Keep In Mind Before Making A Decision

When one goes out to buy a generator, the entire scenario may look all confusing and tiring after some time. The reason is the options available and the types that they are categorized into. Yes, generators are important, and then finding the right generator is even more crucial. But the fact remains, that there are many options and picking the right one can be a task. This is the reason one should always do some research and try to ponder upon various features of the generators before making a decision. Choosing the right generator for one’s purpose will not only save money but, also efforts. The right generator will be modern, advanced in features, will have a longer life and will be safer for the environment as well. Some of the things that should be kept in mind while choosing DC generators are discussed below.

Size and power

The very first thing that is studied and learnt about a generator is its power capacity. Before going to shop for a generator, one must spend some time to know the power consumption. The power consumption by various appliances and equipment whether; in-home or at any factory should be totalled. One can check the kVa of the appliances and can sum it up to know how much power is used daily. This power consumption than can be used to match up with the generators in the question.

Larger power usage more should be the power capacity of the generator. Home generators can be small and portable with a power capacity up to 100KW and, larger enterprises like factories can require up to 2000KW power. Also, not using the right size generator can cause frequency dips which can harm the sensitive appliances and machines.

Type of fuel

These generators use a certain, fuel and then turn the same into the current with the help of an engine. Now, the generators these days are easily categorized into the fuel type it uses to generate power. One should keep in mind the fuel type before buying a generator. The common variations in DC generators are:

  • Diesel alternate

these generators use diesel and are touted, to be the most common and popular choice. These are cheaper and require less maintenance.

  • Natural gas

those generators which run on the natural gas, they are costlier and smaller as well. Therefore, the better option for homes and offices.

  • Gasoline

these generators are by far the least preferred ones. They are cheaper but are not suitable for heavy usage.

One should take into consideration various things while picking the type of fuel. Make sure that fuel is cost-effective and is easily available. Also, the fuel should be easy to store and should not get denatured over time easily.

Management of generators

When the generators are used for home, they can be easily operated and controlled. But, when these generators are installed, for industries and larger premises, then control and management play a big role. These days there are many generators which come equipped with power management systems. These power management systems help in regulating and managing the generator they allow remote switching on and off. These remote systems also include alarm systems for low fuel or any other technical issue. The PMS also help in the optimization of the generator performance and fuel consumption. Therefore, it is better to always choose a generator that has an active and optimized power management system.

Transportation and space

Now, usually, generators are large, specifically if the power capacity of the generator is high. One can find smaller generators which are portable, but they are, usually useful for domestic purpose only. The portable ones have low power capacity and can be used, for lesser time. But, when it comes to commercial premise generators and industrial generators, one should spend some to know the actual size of the generator. Always know what is the space available, and, if it is big enough for the generator to be installed. Also, make sure that the generators have enough space around it, as the heat and emissions from it can be hazardous.

Choosing the right generator means one can relax and not worry about the power outages and the loss it can cause. However, finding the right generator should be done after doing research and understating the various options thoroughly. Take into consideration the usage, cost and the durability to make the right decision.


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