Complete Back Workout For Bigger Back Muscles And Strength

Here’s a complete workout for your back if you want stronger and bigger back muscles along with that here’s the link to get all the dietary supplements that you might need during your training. It consists only of a few but very effective exercises and some unconventional exercises that take into account very important aspects of back training.

First, let’s quickly go through those aspects. This workout focuses on different back zones – upper back, mid-back, and low back. And while most of the load is for the upper and midsection back muscles, it’s important to understand that a strong lower back is crucial for this workout. That is because a weak lower back really impairs your ability to perform back exercises at the required intensity.

The lower back is targeted at the end of each circuit of the workout, with one principle in mind – to wear down the upper and mid-back muscles before loading on the lower back. I would also advise you to read this article on how your glutes relate to the lower back to enable you to perform better.

Now let’s go through the exercises of this workout.

Mid Back

For the mid-back, we have three exercises. The first is the classic lat pulldowns.

Lat Pulldowns

We start with the exercise to train for that v taper back. Use big weights for this exercise to keep in the 3-8 rep range.

Barbell Dead Row

Barbell dead rows (or bend over rows) are great for the mid-back muscles. Again, use weight for the 3-8 rep range.

Hyperextension Bench Wide Raises

This is an unconventional exercise to end the mid-back circuit. We’re using the hyperextension machine or bench to engage the lower back and you always keep your body at the extended position as you do wide arm raises with weights. Keep the weights small, you shouldn’t need much more than 5 pounds in each hand.

Upper Back

We have another circuit of three exercises for the upper back muscles.

Barbell High Pull

This is a similar exercise to dead rows (bent over rows) except that you bring the barbell high to the chest level (as opposed to torso level) to engage more upper back muscles.

Perpendicular Landmine Rows

Do one hand landmine rows standing perpendicular to the bar. The key to doing this exercise for the upper back is to raise the weight as high as possible.

Inverted Hyperextension Bench Dumbbell Rows

We’re using the hyperextension bench to do inverted dumbbell rows. This again engages the lower back as you lift the dumbbells in the extended position. Don’t go heavy here too.

Tie In All Together

We finish off our workout with a single exercise to tie in the entire core, all back muscle zones, glutes, and hamstrings. The exercise is the superman hold while doing dumbbell flies (imagine doing snow angels).


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