Understanding The Basic Terminology Of Rifle Scopes

It is important to have a general understanding of the basic terminology of rifle scopes if you use this tool on your weapon. Naturally, the terminology will depend on the type of scope that you use, as well as the intention of the rifle scope that you select. Riflescopes are generally selected by the time of application in which they will be applied.

There are some rifle scopes that are designed for specific weapons, and then there are those that are designed for various tactical purposes and at https://adventurefootstep.com/best-rifle-scope-manufacturers/ you get to learn all about these different types of scopes. Continue reading for some basic terminology of rifle scopes…

1. Exit Pupil Size

The exit pupil size is the actual diameter in which the entire shaft of the riflescope has when it comes to light coming in the front of the scope and extending back into the eye of the user. This is often measured in millimeters. If a rifle scope has a large diameter overall, it is considered to be among the best when it comes to shooting in conditions in which there is low light. An easier way of looking at it is that this is the term that describes the amount of brightness that the overall sight has in it.

2. Magnification

This is the amount of sight that is contained in the rifle scopes that are available today. Now, you can select a scope that has an adjustable magnification, which is called a “power” rifle scope, or you can select one that has a standard magnification and cannot be adjusted. This, of course, is called a “fixed” rifle scope.

3. Relief

The relief for the eye is an important term when it comes to rifle scopes. This refers to the distance that rests between the eye that you are using to aim with, as well as the actual start of the scope. When shopping for a scope, it is essential to purchasing one that has a relief that is large enough to allow you a complete view of your target as well as the area around your target.

4. Viewing Field

When you purchase a rifle scope, it is essential to ensure that you gauge the viewing field of that scope to make sure that you can see the amount of footage that you want to achieve. In most cases, a powerful scope will allow you the opportunity to see as much as one hundred feet. Basically, the magnification of the scope will allow you to determine what kind of viewing field that it has. This viewing field is both vertical and horizontal.

5. Parallax

This is when the target is not properly aligned with the rifle scope sight center. This is often caused when an individual places a scope that is too big on a weapon. It has been established that if a high powered magnification is used, this is generally not an issue that is very troublesome.


If you are in the market for rifle scopes, it is absolutely essential that you ensure that you know and understand some of the basic terminologies that are involved. This way, you can choose a scope that is best suited for your needs. The terms listed here should be beneficial when selecting the best of the best in rifle scopes.


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