Dont Use Instagram To Advertise Your Marijuana Business

Being a trailblazer in any burgeoning industry is tricky.

If you are getting into the marijuana business, this adds a whole other layer of complexity to the process. For instance, usually startups and businesses use social media nowadays as a cost-effective marketing and advertising platform. Cannabis entrepreneurs, however, don’t have this luxury. That’s because Apple Inc. and Instagram have canceled the accounts of hundreds of marijuana-based businesses over the past few months

With the help of social media platform, you can make your own carts for the selling of the products. Ensure that the carts are accessible for the individuals to have the desired results. There are plenty of products available with the cannabis product. You can choose the right one from the thousands products available with ease of carts

Since last year, Apple’s App Store has been on the lookout for recreational marijuana apps and deleting them. Legal experts and business officials say these businesses shouldn’t lose access to customers via digital platforms due to a website firm’s arbitrary view. Business types that have had their accounts deleted include rec shops, dispensaries, extractors, edible manufacturers and ancillary businesses selling related products. There generally is no formal email or communication from the company. One day you try to log into your account and it simply doesn’t work.

Entrepreneur Shane Fairbrother tried to sign into his company’s account one day and found Instagram had suspended it. He had worked for the past few years building tens of thousands of followers. Suddenly, he had no way to tell them how or why he was shutdown. Fairbrother said everything posted was aboveboard. He couldn’t believe he was denied access. The entrepreneur applied several appeals each day but got no response.

This type of occurrence leaves many in the industry to wonder why no formal review board has been established. Social media analysts say the varying rules on marijuana from state-to-state makes it difficult for them to have a policy and enforce the rules. For accounts that break the law, social media firms are scared to death that they may be held liable, hence the blanket yet unspoken policy. Federal law also bars the selling of marijuana or paraphernalia online, except however where it is allowed by local, state and federal law.


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