Experiences And Personal Stories About Cosmetic Dentistry

Do yourself a huge favor and find a cosmetic dentist. I almost let my regular dentist do a total reconstruction on my mouth and Thank God I backed out at the last minute. He had also never done this type of work and he has been a dentist for 25+ years. He had no pictures of any previous work he had done to show me. However, he did want to take pictures of me so that he had something to show the next person and he also asked me if it would be okay if he used me as a reference when we were through by giving patients my phone number! I knew I was in trouble when he said that this would be a learning experience for us both! I guess every dentist has to start somewhere, but I didn’t want it to be on me!!

Another thing that really bothered me was if he was going to use me as a learning experience, (Guinea Pig basically) having never done this type of work before, you would think I would have been given a discount of some kind, not to mention that afterward he also wanted to use me as a reference. He offered me no discount, he was charging full price! After giving it much thought, I decided if I was going to spend $25,000 I deserved someone experienced, someone who could show me before and after photos of patients who had this type work done. At the https://observer.com/2020/12/steel-bite-pro-reviews/ site, you can check the reviews of the steel-pro. The information from the review s is the correct and genuine one for the people. The working with the product is simple and easy for the people. The after and before results are available at the online site.

My cosmetic dentist not only showed me a ton of before and after pics, but he was also able to show me what I would look like when he was finished! When I went in for my consultation I knew almost immediately that I was in the right place. I was very confident that he could give me what I was looking for. We are almost through with my total restoration now and I have no doubt that my previous dentist couldn’t have given the result that I was looking for. It’s not because he wasn’t a good dentist, because he was, he just lacked the training that a good CD has. There is a number of things that a CD does that a regular dentist doesn’t do. An example with me is when I smiled there was too much gum in my smile. My CD had a laser that he used to laser off any unwanted gum tissue. The laser is an expensive piece of equipment and my regular dentist doesn’t have one.


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