Six Steps To Natural Tinnitus Relief


Causative Factors: As a first step in getting real tinnitus relief, one needs to consider what the causative factors leading to the symptoms of ringing in the ears are. From a scientific and medical perspective, a common theme in the causation of tinnitus is that ultimately there is an impairment or obstruction to the nerve impulses and/or to the circulation to the ears. These deficits can be linked to a variety of factors including a recent infection, cold or flu, systemic toxicities and pressure on spinal nerves. There are many websites that deal in the medicines that help reducing the tinnitus in no time. however, you need to know if it is all true about them or not. News readings from sources such as orlandoweekly can help you out in this.

Natural Therapy Overview: In general, most natural therapies focus on guiding the body as it heal itself. This is accomplished using a varieties of methods that are designed to remove the underlying causes of tinnitus. Commonly, a combination of physical, mental and spiritual therapies are used.

Therapeutic Recommendations: The following are some general therapeutic recommendations that are intended to address the probable causes of tinnitus.


Often colds, flu or ear infections can contribute to various forms of head noise. It is important to keep the ear canal clear of ear wax or other discharges. Ear wax build up should be removed with a cotton tip. If the ears are subject to accumulations or discharges, a daily cleansing with a mild solution such as warm water containing a little salt and baking soda are recommended.


Exercise is recommended to address the likelihood that there is poor circulation to the nerves and to the auditory complex.

  • Cardiovascular Exercise

First, a general cardiovascular stimulating exercise will help promote good systemic circulation. These type of exercises would include brisk walking, jogging, swimming and exercise machines (e.g., elliptical, ski tracks, treadmills, stair steppers). The cardiovascular workouts need not be overly stressful, but should be done consistently, 4-6 times a week.

  • Head and Neck Exercise

Second, a local exercise should be done to assist the local circulation to the ears. A simple head and neck exercise is recommended. To do this exercise, simple rock your head (bending from the neck) to the right three times, then to the left, then forward and then backwards. Now rotate the head in a large circle clockwise three times and then counter-clockwise three times. This simple exercise should be done a couple of times a day (every day) in the morning and evenings.


Massage, chiropractic and or osteopathic manipulations, especially to the upper spine, are recommended to further increase circulation and to effect more efficient nerve communication in the head and neck area. The massages should be done up to three times per week. If using a chiropractor or a osteopath, they will give you a recommendation regarding the frequency of the treatments. Finally, some relief may be found using an electric vibrator to the upper spine and neck.


Diet is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle. For tinnitus suffers, getting the right nutrients while avoiding toxicity promoting foods cannot be overstated. A healthy diet consists of a high intake of fruits, vegetables and grains, with little in the way of fried foods, heavy meats, highly processed and calorie-filled foods (i.e., junk food). Also, drink 8 glasses of water a day to promote the elimination of toxins.


It is clear that certain toxic substances (e.g., medications) contribute to tinnitus. Most people neglect taking time to detoxify or to take an internal cleanse. The constant build up or toxic materials can eventually cause health problems. We would recommend a periodic cleansing diet (2-4 times a year), colonic cleansing, and regular hydrotherapy. For a cleansing diet we suggest a three or four day mono-diet consisting of nothing but either apples, grapes or citrus fruits (not all together, choose one) water is okay. Colonic cleansing requires use of a colon cleansing service or a series of three to four enemas given one right after the other. (For each enema, use 1 quart of water with t teaspoon each of salt and baking soda mixed in). Hydrotherapy consists of drinking the recommended 8 or more glasses of water per day and taking an occasional (once a week) sweat bath (Jacuzzi, hot tub, steam bath, sauna).


Just as we are what we eat, we are what we think. It is important to keep a positive mental outlook and to view the treatments for tinnitus with an attitude of expectancy. That is, expect that the therapies will work. A negative attitude can be self defeating. Stress is also a contributing factor to tinnitus. There are several stress reduction methods available that can be of help. However, it should be realized that stress comes, at least in part, from one’s attitude. On the spiritual side, one should focus on a higher purpose for being healed. Why are you experiencing tinnitus and what will you do once you are cured?


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