Foods That Cause Constipation

Are you looking for the types of foods that cause constipation? Metrotimes will introduce you to the type of food that causes constipation and I also want to make sure you know how to help the problem.


I won’t be giving a long list of food items to avoid. Once you learn what to eat, you simply avoid all the other stuff (probably most things you are eating).

What Foods Cause Constipation

The good food that you want to eat is the basics that you already know about. Fruit, vegetables, protein (meat or vegetarian), and some grains. You might be familiar with the food pyramid (put out by the government) but you can throw that out the window. Eating this diet can cause constipation.

The above image is the food pyramid of the USDA from 1992. The government recommended this as the diet for each American.

The first thing recommendation is to use Fats, Oils, and sweets sparingly. There are both good fats and bad fats. The bad fats you should avoid and make sure you consume good oils (like cold-pressed, virgin olive oil). I put it on my salad when I eat it. It also can be good for helping with cholesterol issues.

High cholesterol is undigested fats. When you sign up on my email list, you will learn about having proper digestion so you will digest fats as well as proteins and carbs.

Next, it says to consume dairy. Really…. just get rid of dairy. Dairy is known to make people sick, create mucous which can cause a sluggish bowel (constipation).

Not all nuts are going to work well for you and if you eat too much, it can cause a sluggish bowel. Think about the jar of peanut butter moving through your body. Do you know how it kinda has a hard time going down your throat? That is what it does through the whole body. So, limit the number of nuts and go with almonds.

Meat, fish, and poultry protein isn’t for everyone. There are some people that should be on a vegetarian protein diet. I talk more about these kinds of things on my email list.

Fruit and vegetables are very important. We need to have this every day. I just bought a ninja blender and put in frozen fruit with raw organic spinach.

Lastly, it is recommended to have bread, cereal, rice, and pasta. You really don’t need to eat any of these. I find it comical that it is supposed to be such a big staple in the diet.

Just like nuts, bread, cereals, and pasta may cause a sluggish, constipation condition. If you eat a lot of dry food, it will drag through your system slow.

Water isn’t on the list so you want to drink pure water (steam distilled ran through coconut charcoal or RODI – Reverse Osmosis Deionized) at around 1 gallon a day (depending on your weight). A lot of people are constipated because they don’t drink enough water.

Many people don’t consider this a food that causes constipation, but what you drink is crucial. Drop the soda. Soda is very acidic and the carbonation neutralizes the acid in your stomach that digests food. So your food doesn’t digest properly and this causes a constipation issue.

If you drink when you eat, you are diluting the enzymes and stomach acid, so don’t drink while you eat. If you feel that you have to “wash your food down”, you are not chewing your food properly. If you can’t chew it down, you shouldn’t swallow it.


Jack is a focused in maintaining a healthy body and mind. So, he follows different health and fitness blogs to get ideas that can help him in remaining fit.

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