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If one of your favorite hobbies is gardening then lookout for a great new website to be launched early next year from Westlands called that is well written with details on an assortment of crops. The website will offer garden health as well as handy tips used by experts. In recent times gardening has become one of the most enjoyable and popular pastimes enjoyed by many individuals across the UK. This interest has enabled much more garden health literature to become more widely available rather than being restricted to bulky books and the main reason for this sudden increase in gardening is down to the web which is now the number one place for all garden health advice and the place for keen gardeners to look for all advice and tips.

In the world of gardening, the best website for offering comprehensive information, advice, and tips from experienced horticultural experts are The Westland team is truly dedicated to providing gardeners with proven garden tips and advice including solutions to common garden issues. The current site is already the number one choice for help and support to a green-fingered nation of amateur and indeed experienced gardeners. Visitors can browse through their section on gardening projects and learn how to create simple garden features through to more complicated projects such as water fountains and ponds. There is even a section on growing your own vegetables and how to create the perfect green lawn.

The experience offered through the Westland team extends to manufacturing, they have years of experience in producing quality and respected gardening products including quality composts, industry-leading weed killers as well as being one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of seeds and bulbs through their Unwins outlet. With main offices based in England and Ireland, the group is one of Europe’s largest horticultural experts and producers of gardening products and equipment. They recently produced and launched a revolutionary weed killer called Resolva24 which has been a massive success across the UK with it’s amazing twenty four hour call to action on weed problems.

Whether you are an amateur gardener or a more enthusiastic gardener, this website has all the gardening help and advice you need. The gardening advice offered ranges from general garden health advice through to more specific gardening advice and detailed ‘how-to projects’. Our great section on advice offers solutions to a wide range of gardening problems. So whether you require guidance on achieving a perfect green lawn, producing your own quality compost, or successfully landscaping your garden Westland is the number one choice for advice and help. No matter what your gardening problem the website offers tips and advice for gardeners at all levels and if you have trouble finding the information why not contact the garden doctor on the site.


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