Is It A Good Idea To Invest In Ripple

There are two different investment strategies in the cryptocurrency field, short-term and long-term. Those who are looking for a quick way to double or even triple an investment jump along for a ride on one of the newest altcoins in the same way that many jumped on Dogecoin in 2013. These investors simply look for a coin that has a solid marketing strategy behind it and place their bets accordingly. On the other hand, investors who are looking for a long-term path to financial independence are likely to invest in one of the cryptocurrency systems that have a world-class development team behind them, like Ripple. For information and trading strategies, you should check out torque trading system that will provide you with the best information and details.

The reason that many are choosing to invest in Ripple is that the company is focused on releasing a quality product that doesn’t depend on a cute logo and an obsessive following to convince people to jump on the bandwagon. While there is no doubt that short-term riches have been earned by the early adopters of Dogecoin, the future of this coin is questionable at best. The truth is that Dogecoin is just another script-based coin and doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Ripple, on the other hand, presents an entirely new perspective regarding the potential of cryptocurrency.

Those who invest in Ripple now, while it is still in beta are betting on a slow, but steady increase in value. As soon as the Ripple platform is ready for the masses and has connected to big-name gateways it will confidently step into the limelight. Those who have purchased XRP before this time will benefit the most by being early adopters.

Invest in Ripple not because it is going to bring instant riches, but because the platform allows one to send almost any currency worldwide, with very little transaction fees. This opens up a new way to send remittance payments and those who are paying large fees to do so will likely adopt Ripple in a heartbeat.

Invest in Ripple because funds can never be frozen and one will never have to convince an uncaring organization to give them their money. Invest in Ripple because it is a distributed system that enables anyone to become a Ripple consensus node, thus taking power away from big corporations and giving it back to the people.

Invest in Ripple because sending and receiving payments from anyone in the world is as simple as clicking send. The payment generally takes anywhere from one to ten seconds to complete, making it a quick alternative to Bitcoin. Going back to paying and receiving payments through PayPal or worse, wire transfer is inconvenient, costly, and downright painful. I am personally doing what I can to convert my clients over to using Ripple, but like anything, adoption is met with resistance.

I have encouraged my clients to open up Ripple wallets and a few have. I went ahead and sent them the necessary funds to activate their wallet. I then sent them each 100 XRP just to show them how easy and fast the Ripple platform enables transfers. All of them were impressed with the ease and quickness, not to mention the lack of significant transaction fees.

Those who invest in Ripple now will already possess the payment platform of the future and can teach others how to use this service. The simplicity, functionality, and affordability of Ripple are changing the concept of money transfer as we know it.


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