Practicing Your Tarot Reading Skills

Once you’ve become more familiar with your chosen deck you’ll probably be eager to start doing your own readings. From now on it’s going to be a case of practice makes perfect; the more readings you do the easier it will become.

If you want to become an expert, then you can concentrate on tarot card reading online to have the desired results. There is a requirement to enhance the skills to predict the correct future. It allows you to know about the future to have the desired results. The meeting of the needs and requirements is possible. 


Start with an easy spread, the Celtic Cross is a great beginners spread and is still used by many seasoned Tarot readers – the Celtic Cross is a classic. Shuffle and and deal yourself a spread daily, refer to your card reference for each card you lay.

As the days and weeks pass; you’ll probably notice that you see some cards more than others. You may even find it a little spooky how often the same cards come back, and in exactly the same position and combination too. These cards are probably very relevant to a particular situation that you find yourself in now or reflect a future outcome based on the path you’re currently following.

Identifying with a card on a personal level like that, really helps to understand the essence of the card. After all, reading Tarot cards is not just about memorising the meanings; the idea is allow the card to trigger your intuition.

As you get more experienced and familiar with the spread you might want to practice on a few patient friends. Eventually you’ll find yourself saying things that you didn’t read in reference guide. Instead you’ll be elaborating on situations that you know nothing about. The words will just tumble out.

Although the fundamental meanings to the cards will always remain the same; the translation to a client can vary dramatically from reader to reader and also from client to client

On my own personal learning journey, I found that one day it all just clicked , I suddenly stopped thinking about the cards and the translations and started to ‘feel’ the cards instead. I also read as much about Tarot as I could find, talking to other more experienced readers was also invaluable learning.

You could even book yourself in with a professional and study the cards laid out, try to understand why the reader is interpreting them the way she is. You can gain more insight if you experience another take on things.

As your confidence grows you may even want to to design your own spread, that way you can determine your own meanings for the positions in the spread.

To become a fluent and confident Tarot reader you have to learn to relate many sources of information and deliver an interpretation that makes sense to the client. The main factors to consider are the symbolism and meaning of the card, it’s position in the spread and the combination and relation to other cards in the spread. I’ll be discussing Tarot card combinations in a future post.

One of the most important things to remember is to trust your Tarot cards, if you doubt what they say then others will doubt you. Read with conviction and confidence, even if what you see doesn’t make any logical sense – these things can often make perfect sense in the near future much to everyone’s surprise.


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