Some Of The Top High-Cannabidiol Cannabis Strains That One Must Have 

To begin with, Cannabis is surely the go-to cure for folks suffering from anxiety. However, not each Cannabis is produced equal. A few strains might worsen or bring on anxiety.

The answer is to go for the strain that has a higher CBD-to-THC ratio. CBD and THC are the chief active compounds that are present in Cannabis. They are both alike in structure.

Whilst not the remedy for anxiety, making use of high-cannabidiol strains might assist ease specific symptoms, particularly when coupled with other tools, such as therapy. With that said, let’s take a look at the Best CBD Bud and top High-Cannabidiol Cannabis strains that one should have.

  1. Remedy

It’s a 14% Cannabidiol strain that goes on to produce little to nearly no psychoactive results.

It has got that lemon-pine scent. And the majority of users recommend it simply for its strength to mellow one out without the intense heat and the body impacts of high-THC strains.

  1. ACDC

It’s another 14% Cannabidiol strain favoured by individuals trying to relieve anxiety, pain, and stress without really feeling stoned.

It has no relevant quantity of THC. Happy and relaxed are the most common terms used to elaborate on its effects.

  1. Lifter

It’s a unique player that arrived recently in the game of Cannabis. It goes on to average around 16% Cannabidiol with adjacent to no THC.

The aroma of the lifter is defined as “the funky cheese that has a sign of fuel”. Its uber-relaxing impression will not put a damper on one’s function or focus.

  1. Charlotte’s Web

It’s one of the finest-known higher-cannabidiol strains. It has around 13% CBD with very little to nearly no THC.

It is used in numerous health-wellness products to ease pain, anxiety, and depression with no psychoactive effects.

  1. Cherry Wine

If you’re someone who likes the smell of cheese and wine, Cherry Wine is surely your strain.

This averages around 17% Cannabidiol with just less than 1% THC. As per user reviews, this relaxes your muscles and brain with no mind-altering effects.

  1. Ringo’s Gift

It is a CBD strain with an avg cannabidiol-to-tetrahydrocannabinol ratio of 13:1. However, strains as powerful as 20:1 could be found.

Users go on to report a significant improvement in stress and anxiety levels after they use this strain. Better sleep is another influence users talk about.

  1. Harle-Tsu

It is an award-winning strain that goes on to average around 13% Cannabidiol but often tests much higher. It’s named the best Cannabidiol flower at the Emerald Cup- 2014.

Its ratio makes this one of people’s favourite people who look forward to lowering anxiety & boost their focus and mood.

Bottom line

The research advances into Cannabis, particularly cannabidiol, as a likely way to control anxiety. While it is not some tried-and-true medication, a few individuals find it handy to ease a few of their symptoms.

If one wants to give these high-Cannabidiol strains a try, keep with the anxiety treatments prescribed by the healthcare provider.


Jack is a focused in maintaining a healthy body and mind. So, he follows different health and fitness blogs to get ideas that can help him in remaining fit.

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