The Best Wallets For Men: Comparing Alternatives To A Leather Wallet!

Leather wallets have a different fan-base among well. While women are attracted to leather bags, men find leather wallets more attractive. It is natural to fall weak when a leather wallet is launched in the market. However, leather has a downside.

Although purchasing leather is seen as a sign of aristocracy and style, it is important to pay attention to animal cruelty’s side effects. As hundreds of animals are exploited and tortured over leather, the industry is somewhat receiving a backlash.

Hence, leather wallets are finding their alternatives. There are so many types of substitutes available that make it equally promising as the leather counterpart. The significance of these kinds of wallets is increasing day by day. Therefore, let’s take a look at the best leather alternative wallet for men.

Equally good leather substitutes:

Although leather wallets are trending accessories men prefer to own, increasing animal cruelty diminishes its importance. Nowadays, you will come across so many varieties of men’s wallets that are as amazing as leather. Coming to style, design, and material, here are the leather alternatives presented before you.

  • Faux Leather

Faux leather is one of the best alternatives to original leather wallets. Such wallets are of high-quality, with exceptional compartments for storage. Faux leather wallets are pure vegan. The synthetic mix adds a smooth touch to these wallets. These wallets are 100% recommended for daily use. The faux leather is made via artificial means by combining different elements. Most faux leather wallet for men is stylish.

  • Up-cycled Rubber

Have you ever heard of up-cycled rubber wallets? This is the latest entry for the most stylish man out there. If you are looking for the most attractive wallets made from recycled material, you will love the quality of up-cycled rubber wallets. Recycling tires and seat belts make this kind of wallet. Other synthetic elements are mixed to produce the finest quality of up-cycled rubber wallets.

The best part about these wallets is the sturdiness. Along with less environmental impact, this kind of wallet is stylish and will last long. Therefore, it’s a total win-win situation.

  • Cork fabric

One of the best vegan options you can think of is cork fabric. It is also called ‘’cork leather’’. It is a plant-based extraction from the cork oak tree. Small pieces are extracted from the bark, and certain other elements are added during the manufacturing process. Cork wallets are in fashion these days. It is a strong wallet option if you carry too many items. Plus, top brands focus on producing more cork wallets because of their quality and positive environmental impact. You do not have to change your cork wallet for years!

  • Leaf leather

If you prefer vegan, then leaf leather wallets are in fashion these days. The wallet is made from pure teak leaves. It’s a pure plant-based manufacturing initiative taken to replace leather wallets. Leaf leather wallets are completely handmade and are durable. This kind of wallet isn’t heavy and is 100% water-resistant. Nowadays, brands are adopting new styles and designs to leaf leather wallets. The increased sale of this wallet proves its high popularity.

Why do you need to stay away from leather wallets?

It is hard to resist a leather wallet, given the smooth quality and fine finishing. But have you taken notice of the environmental impact it creates? What about the animals that are hunted down because of app leather extraction? Before you purchase the final product, manufacturing these leather wallets is a painful process.

Animals go through days of torture. Their skin is removed, and chemicals are mixed to extract protein. Once the skin stabilizes, the hide is extracted, and dyes are added. Although leather is quite tough, it is not recommended to use leather wallets, as so many new alternatives are already available.

Take the pledge to turn into a vegan man today. Stop buying leather wallets, as they harm animals and destroy the complete diversity of the animal kingdom. Plus, think of the cruelty animals go through. Once you start using the alternatives, you will start to fall in love with them.


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