The Best Weight Loss And Exercise Apps For Mobile Phones

Do you have a smart phone? Everyone wants to lose weight and be healthy. Stay fit with these 5 of the best weight loss and exercise apps for mobile phones.

Endomondo is one of the best fitness apps which allows you to keep track of, and improve on, your personal fitness, essentially becoming your own personal trainer! The app allows you to track your exercise routines on your mobile phone and is particularly great for running or cycling. Simply press ‘Start’ and the app will automatically time your run, calculate the distance using your smartphone’s GPS and work out your pace per mile or kilometre.

After completing a workout, you can review your session by analysing your speed, pace and calories burnt, at the same time as viewing the route that you took on a map. By upgrading to the Endomondo Premium, you can even see altitude graphs to pit your performance against any uphill slogs you had to compete against, as well as keeping an eye on your heart rate, enacting a step counter and recording interval training sessions!

The app is available on both Android and Apple iOS devices and is free of charge; becoming a Premium member costs £1.90/month or £13/year.

My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter is an app, as you might have guessed, aimed at helping you lose weight by encouraging you to make wise decisions when it comes to your nutrition.

With the largest database of foods, My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter allows you to use your phone’s barcode scanner capabilities to explore the nutritional values of any product you set your eyes on, calculating calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, sugar and fibre. Using the app, you can work out exactly how many calories or grams of fat are in any meal, and you can even create your own healthy recipes without having to manually input each ingredient into a food-calculator, like other apps.

My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter even encourages you to keep fit by suggesting routines from over 350 exercises, which you can keep track of and improve on as time goes on.

The app is free for both Android devices and iPhones and can be found in the Google Play Store and Apple app store.

Fitocracy is in fact a mobile phone game, aimed at making losing weight and getting fit fun. The app essentially turns activities into challenges, where you can gain points- and we all know what points mean..!

By setting personal goals, you can earn badges and compete against other Fitocracy users. By becoming a Fitocracy Hero, you can select one other player to have a one on one dual!

The app also lets you track all of your everyday activities, whether it’s walking up the stairs, running for the train, or exercise workouts, which can give a clear indication of your improvement over time.

The app is free for all Android and iOS users, though upgrading to become a Fitocracy Hero costs £3.20/month or £32/year.

Noom is essentially your very own personal fitness coach, always active at the touch of a button. Rather than solely focusing on weight-loss, the app helps bring about positive lifestyle changes which will contribute to your overall health and well-being.

Noom will provide you with a personalized weight-loss plan, as well as sending you interesting health-related articles and challenges which can motivate you in times of need. Like most fitness and weight-loss apps, Noom lets you log your exercise and daily food intake in one simple step.

And above all else, the app is free for all iPhone and Android mobile phones.

You Are Your Own Gym!

You Are Your Own Gym, as the name denotes, allows you to get fit and workout without the need of a gym membership or even a pair of trainers! How often is it pouring with rain outside just as you’re about to embark outside for a run? This app means you can get fit without so much as stepping out of your front door.

You Are Your Own Gym has a bank of over 200 exercises which can help tone up and get those killer abs in no time. With video tutorials for each and every exercise, as well as tips and guides, the app can help you work up your fitness without spending a penny after the initial download.

Like the rest of these great fitness and weight-loss apps, You Are Your Own Gym is available download from both the Google Play Store for Androids, at a cost of £1.25, and Apple’s app store for iPads and iPhones for £1.99.


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