What People Are Saying About Their Fitness Training Plans

At the beginning of April I asked people about their fitness plans. I asked “What are some simple parts of your fitness plan that make a big difference?” and I asked for fitness tips. I received some insightful replies! Let’s talk about the answers I got. Please comment and leave your own tips, we may add them to this article or use them in the future. Your tips could really help somebody else reach their fitness goals!

Louis is far from alone. I would venture to say that more people who have good health intentions do not have plans, than those who do have plans. If I’m correct, maybe that is why more people are not hitting their goals, than those who are? I’m just speculating. It is a pretty difficult task to hit a goal that you don’t have. Maybe you think you have a goal, but have no plan to reach it. That is called a fantasy, my friend. Even if your fitness training plan is “take a 5 minute walk twice per day” that is much, much better than nothing!

Gail, I will call you “genius Gail” because you touched a subject that many people fail to touch. That is: variety.

Some people can eat the same cereal every morning for 24 years straight. Other people, like myself, enjoy variety at times. Variety will keep things interesting, exciting, and fresh. There is nothing wrong with doing the same thing over and over again when it gets results, but switching up the “when”, “where”, “with who”, and “how” can add freshness and excitement to your tasks. If you jog around a local park 3 times per week, try jogging around the nearest lake sometime, or hit some jogging trails. Switching things up can be especially helpful when you are feeling burnt out or unmotivated.

Our bodies are not designed to go “non-stop”. Maybe you think you’re cool for working out 40 hours per week, working your day job 40 hours per week, and only getting about 12 hours of sleep per week. That is not cool. It’s uncool because your hurting yourself and those around you. You will likely burn out without getting significant rest. Not to mention, if your muscles have no time to recover (rebuild themselves) you may be getting worse results than if you would take the time to rest. Since God has designed our bodies to need sleep and rest, the question is how much rest do I need? As far as sleep goes, 7-8 hours every night for adults is a common recommendation. As far as muscle rest between work outs, 24-48 hours is recommended by livestrong.com. Get some rest!

Do you want to participate?

I’ll be compiling a list of possible fitness plans, designed for those who are searching for a fitness plan to follow. I would love to incorporate your testimonies and tips in creating this extensive article. Guess how many possible fitness plans there are? My guess is around 8 trillion. So, we want to compile a small fraction of those and make them available for people to choose from.


Jack is a focused in maintaining a healthy body and mind. So, he follows different health and fitness blogs to get ideas that can help him in remaining fit.

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