Top Bodybuilding Workout Tips – Check them out!!

Okay, So here are a few tips I thought that you guys could use when choosing a program and when to change things up.

So, sometimes its hard to figure out with all the information that is out there especially on the internet what is best to go for.

You can check it out the reviews at the official site. The collection of the right information for reducing the fat is available to the people. The choosing of the right supplement will help the people to build the body according to the needs and requirements.

So firstly just type into Google “bodybuilding workout programs for free” or something along those lines, because most programs out there are going to work and since you want to find a solid workout program that works, you don’t want to pay for it until you start seeing some results right?

So once you get a hold of one, what you want to do is to stick to it for a whole 12 months because most of the time that’s the minimum amount of time you are going to have to stick to, to see whether or not that is optimal for you.

Second you want monitor what weights you are doing each week and how many reps and sets etc, on each of your workout days to track your progress and to see whether or not you are moving up in weight and therefore getting stronger which if you remember “more strength is more muscle!”. This now brings me onto my third Point.

Always apply progressive overload, now im sure you’ve heard me say this many times and that’s cause is so god dam important to your progress in the gym. If you’re constantly moving up in weight and tracking that then you can see how fast you are moving but also when you are slowing down as well so it has its benefits.

So What to do when you hit a plateau or a brick wall when training in the gym?

Well sometimes this can be to do with nutrition and what you’re eating but most of the time its to do with your training and all that is needed to correct this is to just keep working at it so if you’re falling short of 1-2 reps on the bench press.

Then next time you do that workout day again, then just aim to beat those reps and sets on which you did last time, you see how that keeping track of progress comes into play and for you not to increase the weight but to just keep it the same and aim for higher reps and sets.

However, this all depends on the person and how you are performing the exercise and if you form is correct, because sometimes you may have to say switch the grip from overhand to underhand or to supernatant. Again, it only may need to be a small change for your body to again get used to and then you can start to move up and just to keep doing this when you get stuck again at a plateau.

So To Summarize here is a check list to run through when choosing a workout and designing one:

Stick with a workout programme for 1 year

Monitor your progress in the gym with a pen and paper

Apply progressive overload

Dont always add weight on when you are not hitting your reps and sets

If progress is stalled then change things up by a little bit, such as the grip etc.

Now following these tips this should allow you to move forward in the gym with your workout programme with little resistance.


Jack is a focused in maintaining a healthy body and mind. So, he follows different health and fitness blogs to get ideas that can help him in remaining fit.

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