Best Biceps Workout At Gym – learn about them 

Now we are here to talk about biceps workout. Bicep is that muscle which is one of the favorite muscle of all guys. We can see in the gym mostly guys train a biceps or chest. Most guys fail to gain size of biceps because there so many reasons which people doing wrong with biceps. Most guys have no idea what they are doing in the gym and have a worst form and doing wrong exercise or doing overtraining for small muscle biceps.

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Bicep has a two muscles brachii and brachialis. Brachii have a two muscles long head and short head. the brachialis is the outer part of bicep muscle which is very small. So many buddies around you in the gym with bigger arms but brachialis muscle is almost disappeared in their arms. Because they don’t train enough.

In this biceps workout, we are gonna lift heavy because heavy lifting muscle will be under tremendous amount of tension you switch muscle fiber will be activated.

Let’s Start Exercise of Best Biceps Workout at GYM



This is one of the best biceps workouts for size. Stand up straight, holding a barbell with the shoulder-width grip. the palms of your hand should be facing forward, and you should keep your elbow close to your body. Now this is your starting position.

Now exhale and curl the barbell upward by contracting your biceps. keep your upper arms stationary while raising the barbell, until its reaches should level. Hold the contracted position for a moment, then inhale and slowly lower the bar back to the starting position.


First grab the dumbbells which you can control and rest your arms on a preacher bench hold the weight with your arms extended in front of you. Your palm should be facing each other and keep your shoulder fixed at the top of the bench and your back straight position.

Now curl the dumbbell and squeeze your biceps. Continues the movements until the weight are close to your shoulder and your biceps fully contracted squeeze the bicep for 1 second. When you go down make sure your dumbbell are in your controlled and come slowly to the starting position.


This is the best biceps workout with a dumbbell. Sit back on incline bench this biceps workout is very useful and target the lower part of the bicep. You have let the dumbbells come all the way down for a full stretch. When you come up reach the dumbbells to the shoulder as you can and squeeze the biceps at the top.


First of all tie a rope with cable. this biceps exercise for outer bicep muscle and forearm.Keep your abs and chest tight and pull the shoulders back and Your elbow should close to your belly. Now pull the rope and reach your palm close to the shoulders and squeeze the biceps at the top. Make sure when you come down (negative) go gently and slowly and straight you arm for the stretch. This biceps workout is good for definition.


This biceps workout for mass and definition of bicep. Now sit down on a flat bench with one dumbbell in front of you. Use your right arm to grab the dumbbell with an underhand grip. Place the back of your right arm against your inner right thigh. Your arm should be extended and dumbbell should be above the floor this is your starting position.

Now, while holding your upper arms stationary exhale and curl the weight upward while concentration on the biceps. Continue to raise the weight until your bicep fully contracted and the dumbbell is at shoulder level. Hold the top contracted position for a moment, then inhale and slowly lower the dumbbell back to the starting position.To maximize the benefits of this exercise, avoid swinging the weight at any time.


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