Lower Back Pain Relief Options

It is difficult to compare lower back pain relief options, although acute to chronic lower back pain has become the second biggest neurological disease that most Americans are suffering. But unlike common headaches where the solutions are as simple as popping pills or resting away from the pain, lower back pain is a tricky topic to define. Ironically, the Medical Institutes for lower back pains can offer no definite answers for the problem, which is why the best products for lower back relief are sometimes found in alternative sources such as CBD oil for pain that are used by many patients and are as effective as modern meds. Let us try to compare lower back pain relief options that are commonly used.

  • Prescription pills and over the counter products* Non-prescription Pills and CapsulesThe two most common types are acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. These two work special patterns to address the pain.* Prescription MedicinesThe risks involved in using these medications are the main reason why a medical consultation is needed prior to their use. A need to be cautious is required to avoid side effects and drug interactions especially when a patient is taking drugs for a different purpose. Compare lower back pain relief options based on the two types of pain killers

  • Oral pain medications- These are medicines that are taken by the mouth. They are available either by prescription or can be bought directly. Examples: Acetaminophen, NSAIDs, Muscle relaxants, Opiates, and Antidepressants.
  • Topical pain medications¨- These products are applied to the skin and are intended to reduce localized pain, such as pain from a sore muscle or from an arthritic joint. Most commonly referred to as Capsaicin. These good products for low back pain relief are applied directly to the skin to relieve muscle pains, joint pains, or nerve pains. Popular brands: Arthricare, Zostrix, Aspercreme, Ben Gay, and icy hot, and many more.
  • Injections- usually available only through prescriptions, these forms of Pain-relieving medications are highly regarded as addictive pain killers.

They can be injected directly into the source of the pain. Examples: Fentanyl2. Stadol, Demerol, MS Contin, Dilaudid


    Exercise therapy exercise therapies like brisk walking or swimming are another example of a good lower back pain relief system. Various exercises have been developed to keep the spine healthy. When you compare lower back pain relief options consider your ability to maintain an exercise routine.

  • Psychosocial trainings you compare this lower back pain relief option to the best products for lower back pain relief systems available on the market today, you will find this approach to be rather unique and quite interesting. This method incorporates intensive physical and psychosocial training programs to help patients with low back pain problems. The following are the factors involve in this process.
  • a) Emotional factorsInitial problems that cause the pains are believed to have risen from traumatic emotional experiences. The program designed a specific agenda to address this part of the problem.
  • B) Cognitive factors that the mind believes, the body will follow. The inaccurate information used to compare lower back pain relief options often leads to inappropriate solutions to the problem. C) Behavioral factors: This aims to help the patients develop a preferable response pattern to lower back pain symptoms. The body will automatically respond to the pain in a seemingly mechanical manner to soothe the pain.

A fine example is limping when the leg is hurting. The physical aspects of the program include extreme exercises like therapeutic mountain climbing to help cure lower back pains. Though there are several good products for lower back pain relief using this concept, many still believe the psychological approach used in the program is more closely related to the placebo effect theory. Other lower back pain relief options there are several other lower back pain relief options that you can choose from. Some work bests than the other on specific conditions:* Yoga* Herbal medicines* Chiropractic Acupuncture* Breathing Techniques* Music Therapy* Massage TherapyYou will do well to compare lower back pain relief options above to other good products for lower back pain relief available on the market. The best products for lower back pain relief vary among individuals. It is widely recommended to compare the symptoms to the cure for more desirable results.


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