The Plumber Will Find Out Sooner Or Later Help Them Out And You Will Come Out Ahead

You see your little one send something down the pipe!! It gets clogged and you try all kinds of different ways to solve the situation. You call the professionals. When the plumber arrives he/she asks if you know anything about what happened. You have a choice to make.

Now I ask you, Do you think they are going to find out anyhow what happened? If you tell them up front, Is it a better experience for you?

Believe it or not selling a home is just like plumbing. Professional Realtors sometimes are called in to fix things that not working. They come in, get down right smelly and dirty and at the end of the day the job is done! Is up to the client if they want to help the plumber by disclosing what they know. One thing is for sure, the professional is going to find out sooner or later the real reason why the thing is not working right. Knowing up front will make it better for the client not necessarily to the professional. He/she is going to do their job period. Or, you can also hire the best plumber in town to fix the plumbing issue. To help you out, you can check Plumbers in Daly City’s website

As an active Investing Realtor I get to see and hear a lot of sellers. As of now, just in case we have not known, it is a buyer’s market. That means that buyers pretty much get what they want. That is bad news for you if you are trying to sell your home.

Can I help focus your thinking about you are trying to do? * Why are you selling? * How much money do you really need? * How soon do you need to move to another place? * What is the average day on the market for homes in your area? * How much are Realtors getting paid at the end of the day to move your home? (For me it is one of the most critical questions you need to answer truthfully.)

The answers will bring up the real situation that you are in. I ask, can you live with the worst case scenario if you sell the house today? When I go to sell one of my properties all I really look at is the money that I will collect for me and my family the day of closing. You have to do the same.

Real estate is done in black and white and in a sheet of paper. No buyer or buyer’s agent is going to get fooled by me or you trying to get them to see that they are getting a “plasma tv” or a years worth of association paid up front. My question is why not just lower the price and give THEM a true bottom line so they also know at the end of the day how much is going to cost them to buy.

About the only thing you can do is the old tried and true thing that “spruce” up a home. If you have no ideas on what do go to: and get the reports on what to do to make your home more marketable.

Tulio Troche is a local Investing Realtor in central Florida. When ever he is not with his family he spends his time looking at the real estate market and getting his share of it. His latest quote: “One never owns enough real estate”


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